Olivia Newton-John’s Best Friend Speaks Out About ‘Grease’ Star’s Life Away From Spotlight

by Chris Piner

Sadly, after battling cancer for 30 years, iconic singer and actress Olivia Newton-John passed away peacefully while surrounded by friends and family at her home in California. Throughout her career in Hollywood, Olivia received the chance to star alongside some of the biggest actors in the movie industry. Most notably, she acted with John Travolta in the classic musical Grease. Beyond that, Olivia used her voice to become one of the best-selling artists of the 20th century. With celebrities and musicians showering her family with love and support, lifelong friend Susan George recently wrote a tribute to the late star

Over the past 60 years, the world around Olivia Newton-John changed, but one person remained a constant, Susan George. Being an actress herself, George remembered their love for nature and horses led to the blossoming friendship that started when they were teenagers. She admitted that Olivia “filled my heart and head with pride.” 

As for the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, Susan George recalled attending the premiere of Grease. “I was with her through the making, and at the premiere in London and when our stretch limo was mobbed, she was staggered and playfully humbled by all the amazing attention. Did she ever know how beautiful she was? No, never, and that was part of her magic.” While overwhelming at times, George noted that Olivia Newton-John loved attending premieres and parties. 

Lifelong Friend Recalls Olivia Newton-John Fighting Cancer

Although they shared fond memories, Susan George discussed the moment Olivia Newton-John called her with the cancer diagnosis. “When she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, she rang me in England and typically there was a sort of acceptance, almost as if she knew how she could use it as a platform to help others, with no seed of doubt that she would survive. And she did, for more than 25 years, before it returned in the most unthinkable and painful way.”

Speaking for the last time with Olivia Newton-John, Susan George said they reminisced on the good times. “We spoke a few weeks ago and had the longest talk about times past and present, laughed a lot and I worried that it might have been too tiring, but she insisted not. She seemed to have things she wanted to get out and share and I will always treasure what was devastatingly to be our last conversation.”

Susan George ended her tribute to Olivia Newton-John, writing, “My memory is of a talented, loving, giving, generously spirited, funny, brave and beautiful woman the like of no other, who put everyone before herself. Who beyond words adored her daughter Chloe and who at last found true love with her husband John. For me, I just feel privileged to have known her as a friend, loved her and been a part of it all. Her light for one tiny moment may have been dimmed but is now shining somewhere brighter than ever.”