Olivia Newton-John Once Revealed Why She Made a Deal With God to Pray Every Night

by Shelby Scott

Before the nation was captivated by the sudden tragic death of 53-year-old actress Anne Heche on Friday, the globe bid a melancholy goodbye to Grease icon, Olivia Newton-John. Having passed away at 73 years old after a long battle with breast cancer, fans and family alike remembered her as an enthusiastic activist and dedicated cancer research advocate. However, long before her death, Olivia Newton-John made a promise to recite the Lord’s Prayer every night, and now, we know she did. But why?

According to Fox News, Olivia Newton-John opened up about her favorite prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, a year prior to her death. During an appearance on the podcast, A Life of Greatness with Sarah Grynberg, Newton-John revealed she made that particular promise to herself after she became pregnant with her beloved daughter, Chloe Lattanzi.

In speaking about her pregnancy with the now-36-year-old singer and actress, Olivia Newton-John revealed, “I was close to losing her at one point [and] I asked God to please save Chloe and, if he did, I would say the Lord’s Prayer every night for the rest of my life.”

Decades later, the Grammy-winning star continued to do so.

“And so I have,” she said at the time of the interview. “I think it’s a beautiful prayer. It’s a powerful prayer. I believe in prayer, I think prayer is very powerful.”

Olivia Newton-John Remained Devoted to Faith Up Until Her Death

Given that Olivia Newton-John battled breast cancer for three decades before her August 8th death, it makes sense that the already devoutly faithful individual would cling to her faith in her final years. Aside from her view of the Lord’s Prayer, Newton-John also previously spoke about how she became so steeped in religion and the significance it had especially during the last few years of her life.

Per the news outlet, Olivia Newton-John would begin attending mass as a child, learning the powerful Lord’s Prayer at that time. The actress and singer’s father served as head of a Melbourne, Australia Presbyterian college, Ormand College, when she was young and she would remain committed to her faith from then on.

“I believe all the beliefs have validity and meaning to a lot of people,” the late actress once said, “But I find that prayer is a very powerful one.”

Ahead of her death following her long breast cancer battle, Olivia Newton-John reportedly attended mass on a regular basis at a Seminary in Santa Ynez, California.

A few years ago, Olivia Newton-John demonstrated her strength by sharing how she persevered during rough times in her life. She said, “If things were always the same, you wouldn’t have the drive to improve, to grow, to do new things. Sure, I’ve had my share of disappointment and flops—but that’s all part of it. You just keep going.”