Olivia Newton-John’s Daughter Chloe Lattanzi Posts Heartbreaking Photo Tribute to Late Mother

by Suzanne Halliburton

Chloe Lattanzi used a series of photos to show her love for her mother, Olivia Newton-John, the superstar singer/actress who died Monday at age 73.

Chloe was Newton-John’s only child. And the mother-daughter were close, with Chloe even choosing her mom’s career path. They recorded a duet together in early 2021. Chloe didn’t use words to remember her mother. Rather, she allowed the sentimental photos to express her pride, but heartbreak.

The gallery featured seven photos of the two women. You can see Newton-John cuddling her baby girl, circa mid-1980s. There’s a gorgeous black-and-white shot of the two kissing each other. Chloe looks like she’s about four. She’s giving her mother a peck and she puts her hands on Olivia’s cheeks. Mother and daughter are dressed in white, with their hair pulled back with white bows. Olivia was kneeling so she could see Chloe, eye-to-eye.

The other photos show Chloe as a grown woman, alongside her mother.

Husband Announced Death of Olivia Newton-John

John Easterling, the second husband of Olivia Newton-John, announced his wife’s death with a statement he posted on Facebook. No cause of death was provided. However, Newton-John had battled breast cancer since doctors first diagnosed her in 1992. In an interview last year with Closer Weekly, she said she was feeling fine as she dealt with another recurrence. After the original diagnosis, the disease came back in 2013 and 2017.

She took her fans through her treatment, And Olivia Newton-John often called herself a “cancer thriver.” She started the  Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Although she lived in California, her roots were in Melbourne. She said she wanted the center to find ways to treat cancer patients in a “kinder way.”

“After having lived for years with different cancers, and having surgery, chemotherapy and radiation,” Olivia Newton-John told Closer, “I thought it would be wonderful if we could find different kinds of treatments for people going through cancer.”

Olivia Newton-John and daughter, Chloe, in a happier time. (Art by:Genaro Molina)

Mother-Daughter Released Duet Last Year

As her disease progressed, Olivia Newton-John still managed to put out new music. And she sang a special song with Chloe. In early 2021, Newton-John and her daughter released a duet. They called it The Window in the Wall.

“I’ve always enjoyed singing duets more than singing on my own,” Olivia Newton-John said. “And when I first heard this song, I knew immediately that I wanted to sing it with my daughter Chloe.

“The lyrics and melody really resonated with me and I hoped Chloe would feel the same way – and luckily she did!”

The mother-daughter team also released a duet in 2015.

The world fell in love with Newton-John in the late 1970s when she starred in Grease with John Travolta. She played Sandy, a high school student from Australia who came to the United States. As Sandy, she was wholesome and beautiful and very straitlaced. Meanwhile, Travolta’s Danny, although handsome, was the exact opposite of Sandy. The movie, which came out in 1978, became the highest-grossed musical, ever. Its soundtrack finished 1978 as No 2 on the charts. And Olivia Newton-John had a lot to do with that. Her duet with Travolta topped the pop charts. Summer Nights reached No. 5. Newton-John’s solo, “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” topped out at No. 3.