Olivia Newton-John’s Niece Breaks Down on TV Recalling Final Goodbye With the ‘Grease’ Star

by Shelby Scott

Olivia Newton John’s death on Monday came as a shock to many of her fans. However, it was unsurprising to her family members as the Grease actress had battled breast cancer for the last 30 years. A day following her death, Olivia Newton-John’s niece, Tottie Goldsmith, broke down on TV as she recalled her final goodbye to her aunt.

Unfortunately, Tottie Goldsmith was unable to fly home to see Olivia Newton-John before her passing at 73 years old. Instead, she said during an appearance on Australia’s A Current Affair, “I couldn’t get to America in time and I wanted to say goodbye, and so I asked [her husband John] if he could hold the phone up to her ear…But he got me on FaceTime so I managed to see her.”

Most prominently, the Daily Mail reports Goldsmith recalled that Newton-John appeared “really skinny and unwell.”

“It’s not a shock,” Newton-John’s niece told the show’s host Tracy Grimshaw about her aunt’s condition. “[W]e’ve known how sick she’s been, especially in the last five days.”

In speaking about her virtual goodbye with Newton-John, Goldsmith said, “I told her all the things I needed to say. She was leaving us…but I feel like she got it.”

During her onscreen appearance, Goldsmith shared a more positive take her famous aunt had regarding her diagnosis. In speaking with Grimshaw, Goldsmith shared, “There was one day at the Olivia Newton-John Centre and she was really skinny and unwell and I said to her, ‘Are you afraid of dying[?]’ and she said, ‘Plonker'” (Newton-John’s nickname for her niece), “‘I’m not afraid. I’ve done more in my life than I could have ever imagined.'”

Aside from her famous role in Grease, Olivia Newton-John was a noteworthy singer as well as an activist and philanthropist.

Olivia Newton-John’s Daughter Shares Heart-Wrenching Clip With Featuring Her Mom

After news broke on Monday that Olivia Newton-John had passed away on her California Ranch, the star’s daughter, Chloe Lattanzi took to Instagram with a couple of sweet photos featuring her beside her mom both as a child and as a grown adult. She didn’t caption the post, though she received plenty of love from her followers as well as Olivia Newton-John fans.

Tottie Goldsmith, taking to the comments following Lattanzi’s post, wrote, “Love you baby. My hearts with you.”

Ella Travolta, daughter to Olivia Newton-John’s Grease costar John Travolta, added, “We love you all.”

A day following her mother’s death, Lattanzi took to Instagram a second time, where she not only shared a clip of herself and her mother singing their song “Window in The Wall,” but also wrote a beautiful tribute.

“You are my lighthouse mama,” Lattanzi said of Olivia Newton-John. “My safe place. My heart space. It has been my honor and continues to be my honor to be your baby and best friend. You are an angel on earth and everyone touched by you has been blessed. I love you forever my life giver, my teacher, my mama.”