One of Anne Heche’s Final Films to Include ‘In Memoriam’ Before Credits

by Shelby Scott

Anne Heche was in the middle of several projects before she passed away last week. And now, days after she was taken off life support, new reports state one of her final films will include an “In Memoriam” before the credits.

The aforementioned film, entitled Wildfire: The Legend of the Cherokee Ghost Horse, marks the actress’s final film. Her death came just weeks before its release. IMDb states the 2022 film follows the story of a young girl in her search for redemption and forgiveness, unleashing a dark secret through the bond she develops with a wild horse.

In speaking with TMZ, the film’s director Eric Parkinson said he plans to add the Anne Heche tribute right before the final credits. Per the outlet, Wildfire began filming in 2019 before it became delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Within the framework of the film, Heche plays a rodeo trainer and barrel racer. However, as an untrained rider, her agent repeatedly reminded her of her lack of horsemanship skills. Nevertheless, Parkinson said Anne Heche’s performance was superb.

While filming the equine movie, Anne Heche delivered a final surprise before her death. Unsurprisingly, the film’s producers hired a stunt double to fill in for the actress in more intense, action-packed riding scenes. TMZ states the plan was to have Heche slowly ride up on the horse before cutting to her stunt double.

However, while filming for Wildfire in Oklahoma, Heche shocked the cast and crew when she politely asked her stunt double to dismount during a scene and took off in a full gallop atop the horse.

In a later interaction, the director reminded Anne Heche about her lack of experience. Her response?

“I’m not [an expert]… but my character is a champ!”

New Footage Shows Aftermath of Anne Heche’s Fiery Crash

In the days following Anne Heche’s massive crash, footage emerged showing the actress speeding through a Los Angeles residential community. Others showed the scene of the crash after first responders arrived. However, a new video takes viewers inside the home of LA resident Lynne Mishele with firemen further inspecting the damage.

The footage, which you can view here, shows the charred remains of Mishele’s home. Viewers can see blackened walls and a car-sized gaping hole letting in California sunlight. Investigators, wearing bright yellow protective gear, stretch a measuring tape the span of the distance from where Anne Heche’s vehicle penetrated the home to the spot in which it was stopped.

Altogether (per the conversation between the two firemen) Heche managed to plow her car a remarkable 23 feet into the LA resident’s home. Meanwhile, friends accompanying Mishele rummage through the remains of her house, one announcing that they found a shoe.

Anne Heche died on Friday, August 12th after a fiery car accident left her in a coma from which she never woke. She was then taken off life support on Sunday after medical personnel found a recipient for the 53-year-old’s organs.