One of Anne Heche’s Final Directors Remembers Her in Powerful Tribute

by Samantha Whidden

Less than a week after Anne Heche was officially taken off life support following a horrific car crash, one of the actress’ last directors is now paying tribute to her. 

In a post for Variety, What Remains director Nathan Scoggin wrote an emotional tribute to Anne Heche. He praised the latest actress’ talent, kindness, and resilience. 

“Anne Heche gave me her very best, and I’m forever grateful,” Scoggin wrote. He also said the actress showed up on the set with good humor, focus, and determination. “She was professional, knowing her lines and her character of a haunted small town sheriff deeply; she was playful, often laughing and joking with me and members of our crew between takes; she was proud of the work she was doing.”

Scoggin also confirmed that Anne Heche absolutely had no ego when it came to her work. “‘I’m here to be used,’ she said more than once. ‘Put me where you want me.’ She was enthusiastic, always up for an adventure.”

Meanwhile, Scoggin explained that Anne Heche held nothing back, both in life and in performance. “She was fearless, going too far in some takes just to make sure she went far enough. Cress Williams, our leading man, was up for it every step of the way, the solid rock she’d crash against. Marcus Gladney Jr., our young lead, looked like he’d gone through a workout after their scenes together. She pushed everyone to be their best, a spark plug of creativity electrifying each scene.”

‘What Remains’ Director Recalls Giving Anne Heche Some Acting Advice 

While speaking about his interaction with Anne Heche during What Remains production, Nathan Scoggin spoke about the advice he had given her. 

“I always tried to give her enough room to explore and play,” Scoggin said about Anne Heche. “And would then figure out how to rein it in. ‘Remember,’ I whispered to her after the end of a take on her first day. ‘You do your most interesting work when you do nothing at all.’”

Scoggin further admitted that he wishes he could have protected Anne Heche more. He recalled one time Heche singing “Be still and know that I am God” while on a plane. The duo sang the hymn together. “Anne struggled to be still; I’m guessing that hymn provided a little solace for a restless soul.”

Scoggin also said that he and a group of crew members sang“Amazing Grace” and how Anne Heche joined in. “I can still see her, in my mind’s eye, surrounded by cast and crew, their arms around her, her arms around them, caught in a moment of Grace, which we all need, Anne included.”

Anne Heche passed away earlier this month after sustaining significant injuries from the accident. The actress notably crashed her vehicle into a home and ignited a fire. It took over an hour for the firefighters to contain the blaze. Although conscious at the crash site, Heche slipped into a coma afterward and never woke up.