Ozzy Osbourne Shares ‘I Love You All’ Video as He’s Set to Undergo Major Surgery

by Shelby Scott

Rock icon Ozzy Osbourne is set to undergo major surgery this Monday, as his equally famous wife Sharon Osbourne previously shared during an appearance on The Talk UK. For a while now, the rockstar’s health has been a major point of concern for both fans and his family. Today though, as he undergoes the surgery, Osbourne shared the video to his song, “I Love You All.” The tweet emphasizes his own love and appreciation for his dedicated fans.

Leaving translation for the post open-ended, the music legend added no caption ahead of the link. Nevertheless, Ozzy’s fans flocked to the comments to share their prayers and well-wishes.

“Been thinking about Ozzy all day today,” one Twitter user wrote. “Hope the surgery goes well, not for touring but for him and the family!”

Another quoted the above song, opening with, “IN OZZY WE TRUST.”

Their heartfelt comment was accompanied by two bat emojis, speaking to the rock legend’s long-ago antics.

Other comments read, “We love you back!” and “Heal up Ozzy!”

Ahead of Monday’s surgery, fans, aware of Ozzy Osbourne’s long-standing health problems, hope the life-altering operation will change things for the better. And with what seems to be the entire globe wishing him well, we’re hoping the 73-year-old’s procedure goes well and recovery pans out smoothly.

Sharon Osbourne Says Operation Will ‘Determine’ the Rest of Ozzy Osbourne’s Life

Despite all the love and prayers heading Ozzy Osbourne’s way, the reality is a major operation like this could physically affect the timeline of his life. And during her appearance on The Talk UK, iconic TV personality Sharon Osbourne emphasized just that.

“[Ozzy] has a very major operation on Monday and, um, I have to be [in L.A. The operation is] really gonna determine the rest of his life,” she shared with the show’s hosts.

The future must be weighing heavy on Sharon Osbourne’s mind. During her appearance on the talk show, she revealed she’s not only concerned about her longtime husband’s well-being post-surgery; she’s also about to welcome a baby granddaughter. In addition, as if that weren’t enough already, the TV star also added that she and Ozzy are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this year.

In the clip from the show, which you can view below, the couple’s anniversary takes place on Friday, July 1st. Again, in response to the news, fans, supportive of Ozzy, his partner, and his career, flocked to the comments. Well-wishes for the famous family are coming in abundance these days.

“I’ll be thinking of Sharon & Ozzy and the entire family,” one viewer wrote. They continued, “I hope his surgery goes well and he recovers well and everything goes smoothly. They are my fav celebrity family.”

Another Ozzy fan simply wrote, “Prayers for a Great Recovery!”