Ozzy Osbourne Speaks Out After Arriving Home From the Hospital: ‘Feeling the Love and Support’

by Shelby Scott

On Monday morning, Ozzy Osbourne underwent a major surgery that his famous wife Sharon Osbourne said could alter his life’s path. By Tuesday, however, after an excruciating wait, the British TV personality revealed that her iconic husband is doing well. She further shared he is on the road to recovery following what she deemed while on The Talk UK, a “major” surgery. Now, he’s begun to recover from the physical stresses of the surgery. In doing so, Ozzy Osbourne has taken a moment to thank fans for all their support during his life-altering procedure.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Osbourne wrote, “I am now home from the hospital recuperating comfortably.”

More heartfelt, he wrote, “I am definitely feeling the love and support from all my fans and send everyone a big thank you for their thoughts.”

He concluded the post asking his followers to continue sending their well-wishes his way as he continues to recover post-operation.

Fans, who’ve been following updates since Sharon Osbourne shared news of Ozzy Osbourne’s operation, flocked to the comments to share their positive thoughts and prayers.

“We love you. You are the king. Get well soon,” one Ozzy fan wrote. Another said, “Thank God your surgery was successful! I’m so glad to hear that you’re feeling comfortable! Continued prayers, of healing love and strength! I love you OZZY!”

What Kind of Operation Did Ozzy Osbourne Undergo?

Plenty of our favorite TV and music celebrities have undergone surgery before. But what made Ozzy’s so dicey is both his age and the severity of his condition. After Sharon Osbourne shared news of her husband’s upcoming operation earlier this month, she remained, likely purposely, vague about the details.

However, as Ozzy Osbourne headed into surgery on Monday, a source close to the family revealed the specifics of the operation.

“This is quite major,” the source began. “Ozzy is 72 and any kind of surgery when you get older is difficult.”

As to the procedure, they said, “He’s having the pins in his neck and back realigned from when he had a fall back in 2019. He’s been in a lot of pain.”

While the fall he endured several years ago knocked loose the pins that occupied his body, it was reportedly a near-fatal ATV accident that caused some of Ozzy Osbourne’s worst health problems. In speaking about his fall more than a decade after, the rockstar said he lost his balance on the way to the bathroom, navigating his home in the dark, and “went slam – on my face.”

Now, the news following the surgery is especially positive, given the severity of the operation. However, on top of it, Ozzy Osbourne has struggled with Parkinson’s disease. He also dealt with a bout of COVID-19 in May.