‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak’s Daughter Maggie Stuns in Behind-the-Scenes Picture

by Megan Molseed

Wheel of Fortune Social Correspondent Maggie Sajak is going green these days as she stuns in a gorgeous green dress, sharing with her Instagram fans a message that she is “back at it”. We can only hope that Maggie, the daughter of Wheel host Pat Sajak, will keep it up as she’s back at it. And, it’s important to note that green is most definitely the TV personality’s color!

Maggie Sajak shares a series of two photos as she poses for the camera in a beautiful form-fitting green dress, as she adds a green heart to her Insta comment. Sajak completes her look by styling her long blonde locks in a loose wave, complete with a sleek side part.

For her stunning Insta look, Sajak chooses to go light on the jewelry. Letting her bright dress make the statement as she adds a pair of hoop earrings to the look. Of course, the Wheel of Fortune Social Correspondents’ drop-dead gorgeous smile is her best accessory, hands down!

Wheel Of Fortune Host Pat Sajak Makes An Appearance On Maggie’s Instagram

Maggie Sajak knows how to work her social media, no doubt. In fact, her talent for posting popular content on these platforms is exactly what landed her the Social Correspondent position on Wheel of Fortune.

So, it’s no surprise that she also works with a variety of sponsor companies on her Instagram page…including Melissa’s Produce. And, in a recent collaboration, Maggie invited her father, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak to join her in trying out a new grilled fruit recipe.

“Hey everyone!” Maggie Sajak begins in the Insta video.

“Welcome to Maggie’s Meals from Melissa’s,” the social media star continues. Sajak adds that she has a guest-griller for the day, as she introduces the man who needs no introduction…her father, Pat Sajak.

“Today, he’s gonna be my sous chef,” Maggie tells her viewers. “Let’s go check on him and see how he’s doing.”

Sajak Cooks Up The Goods, Grilling Them To A ‘Perfect Amount Of Redness’

As the video continues, Maggie joins her father outside as he continues to work the grill. After she asks Pat how things are going, he tells her that all is great. In fact, the host says, the food is cooked to the “perfect amount of redness.”

“I love the grill marks,” he says. “It is just beautiful.”

Now, our first thought takes us to a grilled hunk of steak. However, this spot is made for Melissa’s Produce…with the company’s product. And, everything becomes clear as Pat Sajak asks his daughter how she likes her watermelon.

“Medium’s fine for me,” she quips back. The Wheel stars then return to the kitchen where a delicious platter of fruits including pineapple, mango, and peaches, is ready to be served up.