‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Keeps the Jokes Coming in Hilarious Diet Tweet

by Megan Molseed

Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak spends his day working with words. And in his profession, missing the specific meaning of a word, misspelling a word, or even mispronouncing one in any way can mean a major loss. However, the Wheel host still loves a good play on words. Well, at least when it comes to his diet plan, at least.

We’ve all heard of the intermittent fasting diet, it’s fast becoming a favorite for many people looking for an easy and effective weight loss plan. This plan consists of a dieter going specific periods of time without eating. The time frames vary depending on ultimate end goals and body type. However, the point of the plan is ultimately to “reset” one’s metabolism.

“Looking forward to my latest diet plan: intermittent feasting,” Pat Sajak quips in a Tuesday evening Twitter post.

“Can’t wait to start,” the Wheel of Fortune host adds in the message. Maybe we should continue to keep a close eye on the game show hosts Twitter page to see if this plan takes. Because as any food lover would attest, feasting can be a whole lot more fun than fasting!

Pat Sajak May Have Mixed Up ‘Feasting’ And ‘Fasting’ In Hilarious Tweet – But Who Remembers When He Mixed Up Wheel Roles With Vanna White?

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak and his cohost Vanna White have long had their own roles defined on the iconic game show. Since the two hit the Wheel stage together decades ago on the long-running game show, Vanna has stepped up to the famous letterboard while Sajak took on the duties at the iconic wheel.

But who remembers the time the two Wheel stars switched it up a bit? The day in 1996 when Vanna donned a red pantsuit and stepped up to the Wheel of Fortune wheel with the game show contestants and Sajak sidled up to the letterboard.

In a recent throwback clip shared to the Wheel of Fortune Instagram account, fans get a reminder of this unforgettable moment in Wheel history. The moment that Pat Sajak takes on the role of his longtime cohost, revealing the puzzle letters during a bonus round on the popular game show.

In the Instagram clip, Pat Sajak starts out clarifying all the vowels as both he and Vanna White prepare to move into the bonus round. Then, the whole switcharoo takes place. The clue is “A Thing,” and Sajak presents the puzzle like a pro.

“Very nice, Pat!” Vanna exclaims from the hosting floor. Then, three of the puzzle’s letters are revealed, and ‘S’ and two ‘N’s’. “I’m exhausted,” Sajak quips as he uncovers the three squares. Then, before the contestant solves the puzzle (synonym is the answer) the Insta video shows Pat going full robot as he ventures again to uncover a puzzle letter. Of course, Vanna is cheering both Pat and the contestant on the whole time!