‘Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak Has Fans Losing It Over This ‘Awareness’ Joke

by Leanne Stahulak

“Wheel of Fortune” fans can always count on host Pat Sajak to take to Twitter with a witty remark about society nowadays.

Though Pat Sajak is a celebrity himself, he commonly likes to take shots at the culture surrounding them. His latest tweet is evidence of that, as he pokes fun at celebrities who like to use their platform to raise awareness about different issues. Famous people across both sides of the political spectrum use this tactic, and Sajak decided to join the bandwagon.

“I’m hoping this tweet will help raise awareness. It’s really not up to me to decide what you need to be more aware of, but figure that out for yourself and then raise it. My work here is done,” he wrote.

Most fans found Pat Sajak’s tweet hilarious and played into the bit in the comments. One person joked, “Bless you, Pat. Raising awareness is so important right now. You’re doing God’s work by raising this awareness.”

Another person said, “I really think we need to raise awareness about awareness, so I appreciate your focus on it.”

“I am very offended. I have a constitutional right to be oblivious!” someone else quipped.

A different fan commented, “I thought I was good until you just pointed out that I need to be aware of something. Drats Pat!”

Another fan wrote, “I never knew how much I needed this tweet. I am fully aware now, no idea of what but I’ll think of something. Thank you.”

Leave it to Pat Sajak to connect with fans with his quick, sharp humor.

Despite His Funny Tweets, Pat Sajak Still Gets in Trouble With ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans

Like any comedian, “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak occasionally says something that doesn’t sit right with different audiences. For example, fans rushed to social media to roast Sajak after a recent episode of “Wheel” when he disrespected his co-star, Vanna White.

Sajak and White have been working together for 40 years now, so there’s definitely a level of comfortability between the two. But fans were outraged when, a few weeks ago, Pat Sajak told White, “Could ya move a little faster?” while she went to reveal the letters.

White didn’t react to the comment, but it definitely struck the audience and contestants as odd and uncomfortable. There seemed to be no reason for Sajak to hustle White, so it shocked fans who watched it at home.

“Are you watching Wheel rn?” one viewer asked on Twitter. “Pat’s out here disrespecting our girl Vanna.”

Another person said, “You don’t get snotty with a national treasure.”

White is beloved by all “Wheel of Fortune” fans, and she certainly doesn’t deserve any type of disrespect. Hopefully, the two talked out the issue in private and resolved it.