‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Jokes He’s Raising Awareness in New Tweet

by Megan Molseed

There’s always some cause or another that is working to raise awareness. And, sometimes, these causes are ones that celebrities hold near and dear, so even they step in to help further the awareness efforts. This is what Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak did in a recent tweet. Well, sort of.

In a recent Twitter post, Pat Sajak notes that he is attempting to “raise awareness.” However, the Wheel of Fortune host is pretty flexible as to what it is, exactly, that he is hoping his Twitter followers will become aware of.

“I’m hoping this tweet will help raise awareness,” Sajak says in his Sunday, June 12 tweet.

“It’s really not up to me to decide what you need to be more aware of,” the host quips as he continues with his post.

“but figure that out for yourself and then raise it,” Sajak adds. “My work here is done.”

One Recent Wheel Of Fortune Episode Raises Awareness Of One “Rare” Wheel Letter, Impressing Host Pat Sajak

Most of what we love about the long-runner TV gameshow is working with the contestants to solve some interesting puzzles. It’s always a fun time doing these solves. However, some puzzles are certainly more challenging than others. Such as the time in one recent episode when one letter makes a “rare” appearance in a puzzle.

Recently, the Wheel Of Fortune Twitter page shared an exciting moment as one of the game show’s contestants solves the bonus round puzzle with the category “Event”. The contestant, Calvin, already has a few options revealed on the letter board. So far, the letters N, E, S, and T have been revealed.

Calvin’s luck is further compounded as he selects his own letters including P, I, and C, which are also on the puzzle board for the round.

Calvin takes a moment, to work his answer out in his mind before finally solving the Wheel puzzle: “An Epic Quest.” Of course, Wheel fans are excited, as are the show’s hosts, Pat Sajak and Vanna White.

But, the gameshow’s Twitter account brings something to our attention not long after Calvin’s win. There was a rare appearance in this particular puzzle!

“A rare appearance from the letter Q!” notes the official Wheel of Fortune Twitter post.

“No queries, qualms or quandaries for Calvin, though,” the tweet continues. It may be a rare letter to see on the gameshow’s puzzle board. But that certainly didn’t stop Calvin…he even won a Ford Bronco in this impressive Bonus Round solve!