‘Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak Loses Daytime Emmy, Even With Two Nominations in Same Category

by Shelby Scott

When the 2022 Daytime Emmy Awards aired on CBS Friday, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak had double the luck. Altogether, he boasted two nominations under the same Outstanding Game Show Host category. However, in a humiliating turn of events, neither of Sajak’s nominations led him to a victory. Instead, the category award went to Family Feud host Steve Harvey.

According to PopCulture, Pat Sajak was nominated as Outstanding Game Show Host for his work on Wheel of Fortune and Celebrity Wheel. Aside from Family Feud‘s Steve Harvey, Sajak was also in competition with Let’s Make a Deal‘s Wayne Brady and People Puzzler‘s Leah Remini.

Ultimately, we can’t be certain why Pat Sajak lost the hosting trophy to Steve Harvey. However, the news outlet suggested it might be because the “voting body was split” on which of the TV personality’s shows to award him for. Therefore, it could have caused him to lose out entirely.

That said, Wheel of Fortune fans might have different opinions. Recently, Pat Sajak has made some questionable comments directed at longtime costar Vanna White. He has also thrown shade at both the long-running game show’s contestants and viewers.

Ultimately, Pat Sajak actually lost out on three Daytime Emmy awards in total. In addition to Outstanding Game Show Host, he also received a nomination for the Outstanding Game Show Emmy. That award instead went to Jeopardy!

Pat Sajak’s Awareness Post Has ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans in Stitches

Given Pat Sajak’s impressive 23 Daytime Emmy nominations, and three prior wins, PopCulture suggests the longtime Wheel of Fortune host isn’t too concerned about his lack of awards this year. In fact, while the TV personality didn’t receive any wins for 2022, he still ranks second place in terms of Emmy nominations. The outlet states he remains tied with The Price is Right‘s Bob Barker. Following Friday night’s award ceremony, Pat Sajak still boasts a strong fanbase, likely due to his comical, often sarcastic, tweets. One, in particular, had fans in stitches.

In an early June post, the Wheel of Fortune star wrote, “I’m hoping this tweet will help raise awareness. It’s really not up to me to decide what you need to be more aware of, but figure that out for yourself and then raise it. My work here is done.”

Ultimately, Sajak was poking fun at other celebrities that use their social media presence to highlight various causes. Wheel of Fortune fans joined the sarcasm bandwagon, sharing equally sarcastic comments following the tweet.

“I really think we need to raise awareness about awareness,” one of the game show icon’s follower wrote, “so I appreciate your focus on it.”

Another quipped, “I am very offended. I have a constitutional right to be oblivious!”

Pat Sajak’s awareness post is hardly the first sarcastic tweet to get a laugh out of Wheel of Fortune fans.