‘Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak Reflects on ‘Weird’ Lawn Mowing Discovery in New Post

by Joe Rutland

Pat Sajak of Wheel of Fortune is back on Twitter with some witty comments and this time they have to do with lawn mowing. Sajak has been active on the social media platform. His thoughts about life and even sports are worth taking a look at. Of course, Pat’s not leaving his day job. You will still be able to see him on Wheel of Fortune with Vanna White. Yet on this Sunday, let’s take a minute and note what he’s talking about in this tweet.

OK, so Sajak is getting into some deep mathematical territory here. We don’t have answers to his question, either. Some fans, though, were hopping in the comments section with their own thoughts. One writes, “The odds are probably better than you actually cutting your own grass.” Another one says, “You solved that puzzle without spinning the wheel!” See, the fans of Pat Sajak are tuned into his math issues and his game show, too. It’s always cool to see what he comes up with and shares on Twitter. If you are looking for him in other places than his yard, then you know where to find him.

Pat Sajak of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Enjoys Hanging Around His Daughter

One thing that fans have gotten used to recently is seeing Maggie Sajak, Pat’s daughter, show up as the show’s Social Corespondent. What does that mean? Well, she’s busy producing content for the show’s online accounts. And yeah, Maggie has made appearances on the show herself. But her work is going to be seen around places like Twitter and Instagram. Maggie has the hang of things and probably picked up some of her sense of humor from dad Pat Sajak. Did you know that Pat at one time had his own talk show? He sure did.

Meanwhile, our two favorite Wheel hosts have been on vacation recently. Pat and Vanna have been just enjoying their downtime. Maggie also has been along for the fun. There have been a couple of times where she’s gotten Pat and Vanna into a bit. One of them included Maggie sitting down and chatting with her father. They were cutting it up together and Pat mentions that he’s felt lonely without his costar around.

As Maggie keeps talking, Vanna walks behind Pat and waves her arms to tell Maggie to stay silent. She wants nothing to do with Sajak at all. Well, Pat’s daughter stays committed to the bit…and that’s a good thing. Wheel of Fortune is one show that loves to have fun and contestants can win a lot of prizes and money on there. Just tune in and watch for yourself.