Patricia Heaton Doubles Down on ‘Lightyear’ Criticism, Sets Twitter Ablaze Again

by Caitlin Berard

Earlier this week, Everybody Loves Raymond star Patricia Heaton sparked controversy in the Twitterverse with her opinion on the upcoming Buzz Lightyear origin story, Lightyear. For Heaton, Chris Evans playing the role of Buzz Lightyear rather than Tim Allen, who provided the original voice of the Toy Story character, was nothing short of revolting.

“Saw the trailer for [Lightyear],” she wrote on Twitter. “And all I can say is Disney/Pixar made a HUGE mistake in not casting my pal [Tim Allen] in the role that he originated, the role that he owns. Tim IS Buzz! Why would they completely castrate this iconic, beloved character?”

Unsurprisingly, the vitriolic tweet did numbers, receiving thousands of comments and retweets. This only angered Patricia Heaton further, however, as she feels the outrage to be grossly misplaced.

“Waking up in London to find my tweet about [Buzz Lightyear] generated more of a kerfuffle than my tweet about the box of aborted full term babies found in DC,” she wrote in her follow-up tweet. “Let us all ponder the state of our humanity.”

If her original message caused outrage among users, the response to her follow-up two days later incited enough fiery rage to burn Twitter to the ground. “Everybody loves Raymond and HATES Debra,” one user wrote. “Let us ponder why an ‘actress’ thinks she’s an authority on all things,” another said.

Patricia Heaton Maintains Stance on Buzz Lightyear Recast

Though Patricia Heaton and many other fans are repulsed by the thought of Buzz Lightyear being played by anyone but Tim Allen, the creators of Lightyear had sound reasoning for the switch. During a press conference promoting the upcoming film, Lightyear producer Galyn Susman explained the decision.

“[Casting Tim Allen] would add to the confusion,” said Susman. “People were having a hard enough time wrapping their heads around this. So really we needed the toy in the Toy Story universe to be its own thing. Tim Allen is Buzz Lightyear the toy. Chris Evans is Buzz Lightyear, the superhero from that movie that inspired the toy.”

Patricia Heaton responded to her original post acknowledging that Buzz Lightyear the toy and Buzz Lightyear the human were two different characters. She did not, however, take back her original statement.

“Ok so the current Buzz Lightyear movie is an origin story,” she wrote. “But the reason the character became so beloved is because of what [Tim Allen] created. Why remove the one element that makes us want to see it?”