Patricia Heaton Slams Disney Pixar’s ‘Lightyear,’ Says They ‘Castrated’ Buzz by Not Casting Tim Allen

by Samantha Whidden

On Tuesday (June 14th), “The Middle” star Patricia Heaton took to her Twitter account to share her thoughts about Disney/Pixar replacing Tim Allen with Chris Evans for the upcoming Buzz Lightyear film, “Lightyear.” 

While addressing the upcoming film, Heaton declared in the tweet, “Saw the trailer for ‘Buzz Lightyear’ and all I can say is Disney/Pixar made a HUGE mistake in not casting my pal Tim Allen in the role that he originated, the role he owns.”

Heaton went on to say that Allen is the “Toy Story” character and accused Disney/Pixar of destroying the action-figure toy. “Why would they completely castrate this iconic, beloved character?”

However, Heaton’s comments about the upcoming “Toy Story” spinoff film received some mixed responses. One Twitter user explained, “Do people not pay attention? Tim Allen’s Buzz is a toy based off of a person. Chris Evan’s Buzz is the real person that inspired the toy. The movie is about Buzz Lightyear the Person, not Andy’s toy.”

Another Twitter user further commented, “It’s a deal breaker for me. Without Tim Allen as the voice, is it even Buzz Lightyear?!?”

Heaton also added to her thoughts about the film by tweeting, “Ok, so the current Buzz Lightyear movie is an origin story – but the reason the character became so beloved is because of what Tim Allen created. Why remove the one element that makes us want to see it?”

“Lightyear” follows marooned Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear as he encounters an army of ruthless robots under the command of his nemesis Zurg, who is attempting to steal the hero’s fuel source. Chris Evans is voicing Buzz along with Keke Palmer and Peter Sohn. 

‘Lightyear’ Star Chris Evans Says Tim Allen Made An ‘Iconic Impact’ on the ‘Toy Story’ Franchise 

During a recent interview with USA Today, “Lightyear” star Chris Evans spoke about Tim Allen’s “iconic impact” on the “Toy Story” franchise. “The reason we’re doing this movie is because Tim Allen made such an iconic impact. Not only would you be a fool to not take his interpretation because it worked so well, but the truth is this character is in fact the human version of that toy, so there does need to be overlap in terms of their cadence and nature.”

While recalling how he approached voicing the Buzz Lightyear, Evans said, “At the beginning, I almost felt like a deer in the headlights. I would just be so still. You’re so focused on your voice, it almost would rest every other part of my body. But with every passing session, you find a little more comfort and before you know it, you are incorporating your physicality and that would inform the deliveries.”

“Lightyear” will be hitting theaters on Friday (June 17th).