Patrick Schwarzenegger Reveals Dad Arnold Doesn’t Have a Cell Phone

by Craig Garrett

Arnold Schwarzenegger rose to fame playing a cybernetic killing machine from the future, but he’s a bit behind when it comes to technology. It’s hard to believe that an icon of science fiction, with roles in The Terminator, Total Recall and Predator would be slow to adopt modern gadgets. However, the former California Governor was recently outed by his own blood.

Patrick Schwarzenegger is a rising star in his own right. He’s currently promoting his tv series The Terminal List, starring alongside brother-in-law Chris Pratt. While discussing the new show recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Patrick let a bombshell drop about Arnold Schwarzenegger. “My dad doesn’t have a phone. Yeah, Arnold does not have a phone. He refuses to text. He only does the iPad FaceTime,” Patrick told guest host Sean Hayes.

So why does Arnold Schwarzenegger avoid smart phones?

“[Arnold] still has his first phone he could ever afford, the flip, and he still uses it in the car,” the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger said. “It’s like this brick phone that’s like this big, flips open. He can call, like, 0-9 or 0-8. He’s got these speed dials memorized. That’s it, [Arnold] doesn’t have anything else.” Patrick went on to speculate on his dad’s peculiar phone habit. “I think his thumbs are too big for the phone or something,” the actor joked.

Indeed, it seems we will see much more from Arnold Schwarzenegger and son Patrick. Back in 2019, Patrick got major attention for his role in the thriller, Daniel Isn’t Real. Patrick played a sinister imaginary friend in the film. He can currently be seen on HBO’s The Staircase alongside Colin Firth and Toni Collete. Based on a true story, The Staircase follows a crime novelist accused of murdering his wife. Patrick is to be seen next in a currently untitled spin-off of the controversial superhero series, The Boys. His next project, The Terminal List, is set to drop in July on Amazon Prime. The show follows a Navy SEAL uncovering a high-stakes conspiracy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a full slate of upcoming projects

Arnold Schwarzenegger is keeping busy. Next up is a belated sequel to his 80s comedy hit, Twins. Triplets will have Arnold and co-star Danny DeVito returning as mismatched twin brothers. Joining them will be comedians Eddie Murphy and Tracy Morgan. Also dropping in 2022 is Kung Fury 2, a sequel to a wildly popular short film from 2015. Though it eluded him in his political career, Arnold will play the President of the United States. Schwarzenegger is also breaking out into new territory… the Old West. Arnold will play a ruthless Marshall tracking an infamous outlaw in Outrider. Outrider is still in development.