Patrick Swayze Could Make a Unique Cameo in Upcoming ‘Dirty Dancing’ Sequel: Here’s How

by Megan Molseed

The upcoming Dirty Dancing sequel could include a surprising cameo as the film’s director notes that they are currently in talks with the estate of the late Patrick Swayze. What does this mean exactly? We don’t quite know yet…and we can only begin to imagine.

“We’re going to try to involve as many people from the original as is appropriate,” notes the sequel film’s director, Jonathan Levine. And, Levine notes, Patrick Swayze’s Johnny is a part of Baby’s journey in the story.”

In the iconic 1987 film, Swayze portrays the dancer/dance instructor and ladies’ man Johnny Castle. Castle catches the attention of pretty much any woman vacationing at the Catskills resort where he works. However, only one woman catches Johnny’s attention, a young studious woman everyone calls “Baby.”

The two fall in love while drama surrounds them and those that they love. In the end, Johnny and Baby perform the unforgettable and awe-inspiring dance number. A dance number that brings all the people, young and old, together as Jennifer Grey’s “Baby” steps out of the corner and shows off the moves her mother is sure she “gets” from her. And, the two finally master the infamous lift.

Dirty Dancing and Patrick Swayze Are Practically Synonoumous, But How Will The Late Actor Appear In the Upcoming Film?

It’s hard to imagine a Dirty Dancing sequel without Swayze who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2009. But just how the filmmakers plan to feature the actor in the flick still isn’t clear. And some wonder if the new hologram technology may be part of this plan. After all, as Levine notes, they are currently in talks with Patrick Swayze’s estate.

The news of these talks suggests that Swayze’s appearance will come through in the new film via other aspects other than old footage. Sure, flashbacks to the 1987 movie would be an awesome addition. Who doesn’t want to see the iconic pair practicing their lifts in the water, sneaking away to the studio together, or dancing to some of our favorite songs of the time… “Hungry Eyes” anyone? However, adding this footage to the film would be easy – and wouldn’t involve discussions with Swayze’s estate, filmmakers have mentioned. Because, one producer notes, the “film company owns the images.”

Some Wonder If This News Doesn’t Suggest Some Sneaky Behind-the-Scenes Plans

With the news that the studio still owns the Dirty Dancing images, some in the industry note that there would be no reason to initiate discussions with the actor’s estate. This, some note, suggests there are some big plans behind the vague announcement.

“You have to wonder why, if they were going to make this kind of announcement, why they didn’t at least enlist a representative from the estate,” notes one filmmaker who has worked closely with the sequel film’s studio Lionsgate. “To make this statement in partnership.”