Paul Walker’s Brother Cody Honors Late Star’s Legacy in New Renovation Show

by Craig Garrett

Paul Walker’s brother, Cody, is continuing the Fast and the Furious star’s legacy with a new tv show for the Weather Channel. The late actor’s brother and his wife Felicia opened up about their new show, Fast: Home Rescue. They believe the program continues the mission that Paul left behind with his nonprofit, Reach Out World Wide (ROWW).

Paul Walker, who passed away in a car accident in 2013, started ROWW after the 2010 earthquake hit Haiti. He visited soon afterward and saw what Cody refers to as “the disaster after the disaster.” This is the time following tragedies such as fires, tornados, earthquakes, and hurricanes when impacted communities are struggling the most and need assistance.

“Paul’s legacy — and he would say this all the time — was to be good,” Cody recently told People. “His mission was to be a good person and help others, and that’s certainly what Reach Out WorldWide continues to do to this day.” Cody reflected that nearly a decade had passed since Paul Walker’s tragic death. “It’s hard to believe we’re coming up on nine years since we lost Paul. And yet his organization is still running strong and still helping people. His legacy is alive and well,” he said.

The show follows Cody, Felicia and their ROWW volunteers as they renovate homes that have been destroyed by natural disasters. They have five days to complete each project.

“After a natural disaster occurs, Team ROWW comes in with the trailer and we get to work,” Cody detailed. “In the case of a flooded neighborhood, team ROWW will do ‘muck outs,’ which means removing all of the destroyed, damaged and flooded parts of the home.”

Paul Walker’s legacy lives on through ROWW

Felicia says that the majority of the houses they’re restoring were previously mucked out by ROWW. “It’s really cool to actually get [the families] back into their house, move-in ready. The program aims to assist underinsured or uninsured homeowners in need by using donated money and supplies to complete the projects. “A big difference with this show is that the homeowner pays absolutely nothing. The time is donated. The furniture is donated. The construction materials are all donated,” Felicia said.

The homeowners are only present on the first and final days of the project, according to Cody. He thinks this is the best part of the show. “Getting to see the look on their faces when they walk into their new space is incredible. It puts a smile on everyone’s face.”

Another obstacle that the Walkers encountered while filming the program was having to bring their two young children, Remi, 4, and Colt, 1. “It’s stressful,” Felicia admitted. “We’re moving every week. We might be in Kentucky one week and Alabama the next, and then to Louisiana or Texas.” Despite the fact that it’s stressful at times, the family says they wouldn’t want it any other way. According to Cody, Remi is even obtaining important life lessons. Lessons Paul Walker would approve of. “It was really good for her to start understanding that she’s very fortunate and that bad things happen to good people. You could just see her little gears in her head turning,” he remembered.

Fast: Home Rescue drops on September 17th on The Weather Channel.