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PHOTO: Anna Nicole Smith’s Look-Alike Daughter Rocks Pop Icon’s Outfit to Kentucky Derby 2022 Event

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Churchill Downs)

The Kentucky Derby is as much about the fashion as it is about the horses. And, this year, the late model Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead, came dressed to impress. Prior to the main event, Birkhead sported the derby outfit previously worn by Pop-R & B queen, Janet Jackson.

Friday, ahead of the Kentucky Derby’s annual lightning-fast race, Page Six Style reports Birkhead attended the 2022 Barnstable Brown Gala. There, we saw her decked out in the black pantsuit, oversized belt, and newsboy cap that the “Nasty” singer wore to the event in 2003.

According to Dannielynn Birkhead’s father, Larry Birkhead, the early 21st-century garb “was purchased as a part of [Janet Jackson’s Julien’s Auctions] benefiting charity.” As per the outlet, Jackson’s auction, held in celebration of the artist’s 55th birthday last year, provided a portion of its earnings to a charity called Compassion International. The organization provides aid to children in need.

Not only did Anna Nicole Smith’s 15-year-old daughter have the opportunity to don Janet Jackson’s iconic 2003 look; her father also shared the singer was kind enough to pose with them for a photo.

“What a night!” the teen’s dad posted. “Janet was so gracious and complimentary of Dannielynn in her outfit. She made Dannielynn so happy and even graciously posed for a photo with us.”

Following the gala, Birkhead said he intends to take his daughter to her first Janet Jackson concert.

Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter Dannielynn is Her Spitting Image

While Dannielynn Birkhead arrived to the Friday night gala decked out like Miss Janet Jackson herself, the 15-year-old arrived at the Kentucky Derby’s main event looking just like her famous mother, Anna Nicole Smith.

Photos show Birkhead with a bright blue derby-style headpiece and an even more brightly colored gown, reminiscent of flowers, rainbows, and the sun simultaneously. And though the young woman did in fact look beautiful in her Kentucky Derby attire, followers were even more insistent that the girl is the spitting image of her mom

“She looks so much like her mom,” one Twitter user wrote. “[Larry Birkhead] did an amazing job raising her.”

Another commented, “Geez Louise, she definitely inherited her mama’s smile. Cute girl, I’ve always rooted for them.”

While plenty of fans viewed Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter as the mirror image of the former model, others spoke to the way time has flown by since Birkhead’s mother passed.

“It feels simultaneously impossible that her child is already 15 but also feels like she passed 20 years ago,” one person observed.

Another had similar feelings, writing, “Time flies! I haven’t seen [Larry Birkhead] in years.”

Now, with Larry Birkhead and his daughter emerging in the spotlight so long after Anna Nicole Smith’s death, plenty of fans are simply wishing the best for the duo.