PHOTO: Mark Wahlberg Shows Off His Ripped Six-Pack Abs

by Suzanne Halliburton

Come on, Mark Wahlberg. This is just showing off. It’s crazy to think that anyone in their early 50s can still maintain these kinds of abs.

On Wednesday, Wahlberg harkened back to his Marky Mark hip-hop days. That was when he paraded around shirtless and did commercials and photo shoots for Calvin Klein underwear. We’re talking 30 years ago.

Mark Wahlberg now is 51. But his abs have discovered the fountain of youth. So post-workout, Wahlberg shared some shirtless snaps on his Instagram page. They say, if you have it, flaunt it. Or how about, it ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up.

Check out the Wahlberg photo gallery. And don’t feel bad about your own abs. It’s part of Wahlberg’s job to look like this, right?

Actor and comedian Leslie Jordan was one of the first to drop into Wahlberg’s mentions. “Damn son. Defying the aging process.”

Then there was Mario Lopez, the host of Access Hollywood. This fellow workout warrior also passed along his congratulations to Wahlberg’s muscles. “Killin it homie!” Lopez wrote to Wahlberg.

And then there was kickboxing champion Rico Verhoeven, who is 33. Even Verhoeven is in awe of the abs. He wrote: “Where can I sign to look like that at 50.”

Greg Norman, the former PGA star, gushed as well. “Shredded mate.”

To be fair, the photos weren’t all about Mark Wahlberg and his abs. He also showed off his shoulders and his backside. Wahlberg definitely has figured out how to stall the aging process, then spin it back three decades.

Mark Wahlberg had business reasons to show off his body. He gives credit to Performance Inspired Nutrition and F45 Training. Both of those businesses are part of his Instagram bio. In fact, on Tuesday, Wahlberg showed up, unannounced, at an F45 gym in Toronto. He called the training “the greatest workout on Earth.” The workout chain has more than 1,700 studios in 50 countries.

Wahlberg also is busy doing publicity for his new movie, Me Time, with Kevin Hart. Although critics didn’t much care for the film, Netflix subscribers are digging it. The movie now is the most-watched film on the streaming service.

Mark Wahlberg walks the runway as part of a fashion show to honor Calvin Klein. This was back in 1993. His 2022 abs probably are more defined. (Getty Images)

And as part of the publicity tour, Wahlberg gets to answer a ton of reporter questions. One recent topic concerned how his four kids, three of whom are teenagers, felt about their father’s early career. That was back when he was the lead singer of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

“Oh, they’re terribly embarrassed by it,” Mark Wahlberg told Entertainment Tonight.

He also added some more adjectives earlier this year.

“They’ve seen videos of me performing and they’re mortified,” Wahlberg said during an appearance earlier this year on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.