PHOTOS: ‘Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris Had Himself a Day at the Kentucky Derby

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Churchill Downs)

The most exciting two minutes in sports certainly did not disappoint this weekend as the 2022 Kentucky Derby brought us an unexpected victor. And there was plenty of excitement surrounding the events as Rich Strike, the race’s 80-1 longshot – and last-minute entry – filled the thousands of spectators with excitement with an impressive win. Including Breaking Bad star Dean Norris, who documented his exciting time at the historic event for his Twitter followers Saturday afternoon.

Breaking Bad Star Dean Norris Gets Ready For The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports

On Friday, May 6, the Breaking Bad player shares a hilarious video from Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky, tossing up confetti as he pre-games before the long-awaited event.

“Getting ready for Kentucky Derby,” Dean Norris says in his Friday afternoon tweet.

Clearly, the TV star is ready for some big-time action in the annual race. Little does he know yet just how impressive things will end up being by the end of the weekend!

How Does A Breaking Bad Star Celebrate a Day at the Derby? With a Stogie, Of Course!

On Saturday afternoon, the television star was all prepped to watch the horses dash from their starting gates. And he shared with his Twitter fans a relaxing moment as he awaits the big moment while enjoying a cigar ahead of the springtime tradition.

Of course the agent Hank Schrader actor didn’t need to get too involved with the caption for this Twitter pic.

As the day continues on, and the Kentucky Derby prepares to get underway, Dean Norris shares a bit of a hilarious observation in regards to betting on the horses. In his tweet, Dean Norris shares that “feeling when” he bets on “so many horses even if I win I lose.”

To be sure, at this time Norris and many of the other Kentucky Derby attendees had no idea how intense things would become along these lines; just a few hours down the road. As we now know, many wagers would soon shake down very differently than anyone imagined once Rich Strike crosses the finish line in an amazing 80-1 victory.

He May Be at the Kentucky Derby, but Dean Norris Still Has Time for America’s Favorite Pastime

As the events of the momentous 2022 Kentucky Derby come to a close, Dean Norris continues his weekend-long celebration. Only this time, he doesn’t seem to have horses on his mind. Instead, the Breaking Bad star is all about working on his swing with a Dodger legend Steve Garvey. Using a water bottle, of course. Cause who would bring a baseball bat to a horse race, right?

“Getting a swing lesson from the legend Steve Garvey,” Dean Norris writes in his Sunday tweet. The post includes a video of Norris showing some perfect baseball form. All as his imaginary bat hits an imaginary ball to nail an imaginary homer across Churchill Downs. With the help of Garvey’s instruction, of course!