PHOTOS: See First Look at Mark Wahlberg on Set of His Upcoming Film

by Shelby Scott

After putting out his true story-based film Father Stu in April, Hollywood icon Mark Wahlberg is in the midst of producing an entirely different kind of film. Father Stu followed the story of a talented boxer-turned-priest. Meanwhile, his upcoming project, Our Man From Jersey, sees Mark Wahlberg starring as a simple construction worker turned spy. Given the basic storyline, it promises to be an exciting action film. Now, as we await news of the upcoming movie’s premiere date, take a look at some of these first photos of Mark Wahlberg in his brand new role.

According to IMDb, Our Man From Jersey will also star Halle Berry. In it, Wahlberg portray a man named Mike, “a down-to-earth construction worker from Jersey.” Suddenly, all that changes when his ex-girlfriend Roxanne (likely played by Halle Berry) recruits him into the world of spies and secret agents. Together, the outlet states the two characters partake in a “high-stakes” US intelligence mission.

Mark Wahlberg has experience playing a multitude of different kinds of characters. As such, it will be interesting to see how the veteran actor inhibits the character of a civilian turned spy.

The above photos came weeks after the set of Our Man From Jersey became shut down while filming in London. In May, production of the upcoming film was paused when crew members thought they had discovered live ammunition on set.

Balloon Cannister Thought to be Live Ammunition on Wahlberg’s Set

Given the tragedy that occurred following the reportedly accidental shooting on the set of Rust in October, film casts and crews are on high alert regarding live firearms. As such, when Our Man From Jersey became shut down in May while filming in London, The Sun previously reported there was no hesitation in calling the police. After doing so, the outlet stated authorities arrived “quite promptly.”

Upon arriving, first responders discovered that what crews had thought was live ammunition was actually a crushed balloon gas canister. The outlet stated witnesses believed the canister to be a spent shell casing.

Immediately following the incident, neither Halle Berry, Mark Wahlberg, nor their representatives responded with a comment.

Aside from work on Our Man From Jersey, Mark Wahlberg is also in the process of making an all-new docuseries. In it, he’ll detail the story of Owen Hanson, who went from being a low-income USC football player to an infamous drug lord. Mark Wahlberg’s project sees backing by Unrealistic Ideas Studios.

In speaking about the new docuseries, Unrealistic Ideas Studios president, Archie Gips, said, “This is a working-class guy who worked hard to get into the USC and then used the business skills he gained through his education there to create a global drug empire.”

Overall, both of Mark Wahlberg’s upcoming projects look to be exciting and engaging.