Pierce Brosnan Tributes James Caan in Touching Post Featuring Pics From His Final Role

by Chris Piner

Last week, Hollywood paused as news broke that legendary actor James Caan passed away at the age of 82. Having more than a successful career in Hollywood, Caan got the chance to portray memorable characters in films like The Godfather, Elf, and Misery. Although it is unknown what caused the actor’s death, celebrities have been pouring in support and love for the star and his family. Just the latest to add his thoughts, veteran actor Pierce Brosnan recently shared a tribute to the actor by posting pictures of Caan on the set of his last film Fast Charlie

Set to premiere next year, Caan, although 82, continued to work and showcase his talents to the world. Sadly, being his last role, Brosnan posted a picture of himself sitting beside the actor. 

Pierce Brosnan Recalls The Joy Of Working With The Legendary Actor

Pierce Brosnan captioned the picture with, “On the set of the movie Fast Charlie with the great man himself James Caan. Farewell Jimmy. We had many laughs together over those five days in New Orleans. You were an inspiration to me as young actor starting out and an even greater one as a man watching you work each day against great physical pain and discomfort. You gave of yourself to the art of acting and performance to the very end. My heart has a deep sorrow this day for your passing. I shall cherish the memory of you always. My heart felt condolences to your family. May you Rest In Peace forever in the light.”

On Thursday, after Caan passed, his official Twitter account shared, “It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Jimmy on the evening of July 6. The family appreciates the outpouring of love and heartfelt condolences and asks that you continue to respect their privacy during this difficult time.”

What To Expect From James Caan’s Last Film

Having a love for gangster movies, Fast Charlie revolves around a hired gun tracking down a new crew that murdered his aging boss who was also part of the mob. With the crew looking to take charge, the hired gun will do whatever it takes to get justice for more than his boss, his friend. The film is based on a crime novel called Gun Monkeys that was written by Victor Gischler. James Caan plays Stan with Pierce Brosnan portraying Charlie Swift.

Acting alongside the two actors is Morena Baccarin, who is best known for her roles in Deadpool and Serenity

As for Pierce Brosnan, he is starring in the upcoming Dwayne Johnson superhero film Black Adam. In the movie, Brosnan plays Doctor Fate, Kent Nelson. After receiving powers from Nabu the Wise, Dr. Fate uses his gifts to do more than fight crime, but help create the Justice Society of America.