‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Fans Can’t Get Enough of This New Video From Her Ranch

by Caitlin Berard

Between hosting The Pioneer Woman, designing items for her furniture and decor collection, writing for her blog, running her mercantile, and showering affection on her four children, Ree Drummond somehow finds the time to help out on the family ranch as well. Ree’s husband, Ladd Drummond, comes from a long line of ranchers. His family has owned the expansive Oklahoma property since the 1800s!

One of their main tasks on the ranch is running their cattle company, which Ladd once described as a “calf-cow operation” in an interview with NCBA’s Cattlemen to Cattlemen. “My brother and I, we run about 5,000 mama cows, but we also run about 8,000 yearlings,” he said.

“We have the kids help us a lot; you can see a lot of that on Ree’s show. We like to keep them busy and working, and it keeps them out of trouble. Keeps us out of trouble too.”

And their latest task? Weaning calves. Ree Drummond gave fans a peek at the sorting process in a video on Instagram, which she captioned “Weaning calves. The cows are relieved.”

In the video, Ree explains that the cows are in “pairs,” meaning the calves are still with their mothers. As the calves are now 11 months old, however, it’s time for them to live on a separate part of the ranch. The chef shows Ladd and his brother Todd directing the cows while she stands a good distance away waving her hands “to keep them moving through the gate”…and to show off her manicure, of course.

According to the Pioneer Woman, Ladd and Todd sorted 232 calves in a single morning, then hauled them to their new home on the ranch.

Fans of ‘The Pioneer Woman’ React to Her Ranching Video

Though the cows are loud and the task of sorting looks difficult, the scenery of the Drummond Ranch is nothing short of picturesque. And it’s a Ree Drummond production, so it all appears extremely romantic. The grass is a lush green and the early morning sun is just beginning to paint the sky a clear blue. Then, of course, there’s Rusty and Fred, two basset hounds who hitched a ride on the trailer after helping with the sorting.

It was all too much for fans of The Pioneer Woman, who begged Ree Drummond for a chance to help out with ranch duty. “I would love to come out and help on the ranch,” one fan replied. “I could handle standing outside the fence and waving at the cows,” another agreed. “I’m sure I would be a great asset to the operation.”

Others weren’t quite as anxious to rush to Oklahoma and pick up a shovel but adored the instructional content nonetheless. “Thanks for showing this! Great job, everyone! Sorting cattle can be a nightmare,” one fan wrote. “I love your recipes, but I’m just as enamored with the workings of the ranch. It’s fascinating!” another said.