‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Makes Huge Announcement About Her Son

by Leanne Stahulak

“Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond’s youngest son shared some exciting news earlier this week about his college decision. It looks like Todd Drummond has committed to playing football at the University of South Dakota next fall.

Todd follows in his older brother and foster brother’s footsteps. Both Bryce and Jamar went on to play football at their respective colleges this past year. Bryce ended up at the University of North Texas while Jamar decided on the University of Central Oklahoma. All three Drummond boys ended up playing on the local high school team, the Pawhuska Huskies.

After Todd shared his announcement on Twitter, “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond reposted it with a special message for her youngest son.

“Beyond happy for my youngest kid. @usd is such a perfect fit for him in every way,” Drummond wrote in her caption. “Congrats, Todd…and @SDCoyotesFB here we come! #GoYotes.”

Todd ended up receiving another offer from Ohio University to play football for them. But he ultimately decided on the Univesity of South Dakota. While the “Pioneer Woman” is likely sad to see him move so far away, we know she’s beyond proud of him too.

After Todd made his announcement, Drummond also commented on the post to say, “So happy for you, Todd! Awesome place, perfect fit. #GoYotes.”

‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Wishes Youngest Son Todd a Happy 18th Birthday

Earlier this month, before he made his final decision, Todd Drummond was deciding between a few different colleges. He hit the road with “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond to figure out the best fit for him as a football player and student. Ree Drummond shared about this road trip and the special birthday they celebrated along the way on Instagram.

“Eighteen years ago, I was in the hospital recovering from an emergency c-section while my baby was in the NICU (he’d arrived five weeks early, long story!),” Drummond began in her caption.

“Anyway, today was much more fun for both of us!” she continued. “I drove my ‘baby’ Todd to Dallas for a couple of big football camps this weekend. And as you can see from his intensity in the first couple of photos, there’s no other way he’d rather spend his birthday.”

Drummond added that Todd had to ice his shoulder and knees before the two went birthday shopping for some new clothes. “He wants some spiffy clothes because all he owns are t-shirts, shorts, and manure-stained Wranglers.”

The “Pioneer Woman” ended her birthday message with, “I thank God for this child every single day of his life. I’m tearing up just thinking about it, but I can’t help it; I love the kid so very much. (Swipe forward to the end…seems like yesterday!) Happy birthday, Todd!!”

See the road trip pics for yourself below.