‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Makes Major Announcement in New Post: PHOTOS

by Chris Piner

Although only launched in 2015, when it comes to the kitchen, there are very few who don’t know about the quality and tastefulness of The Pioneer Woman brand. From cookware and cutlery to appliances, the Pioneer Woman brand focused on creating items that were both practical and stylish. Since the launch, the brand not only became a household name, but it helped make founder Ree Drummond worth a staggering $50 million. Before entering stores, Drummond started with blog posts, recipes, and appearing on hit shows like The View, Good Morning America, and the Today Show. Now, it appears that Pioneer Woman is expanding once again with a new snack line, and given that October is right around the corner, a new Fall clothing line as well. 

Excited about watching her brand take over kitchens and closets all over the country, Ree Drummond announced her new clothing line on Instagram. She wrote, “temperature dropped below 100 just in the nick of time!  My new fall clothing collection just launched and here are a few of my favorite things (and my favorite women!) Deep, saturated colors, pretty tops, hip cardigans, and everything looks good with jeans because…let’s face it, that’s all I wear.”

Ree Drummond Announces New Snack Line

While Ree Drummond dedicates herself to growing Pioneer Woman into an international brand, she never forgets the importance of family. On top of being married and having five kids, the founder of Pioneer Woman received the help of her mother when showcasing some of the new styles available for purchase this Fall. “My mom and Betsy joined us for these photos—fun times, no boys allowed! You can find the full fall collection in the link in my profile, with some pieces in select @walmart stores. Oh, and look at the last photo. If you’re wondering why my mom isn’t in it, it’s because ‘she had to go.’ She is 80 years old, living her best life, and had plans, man! Betsy and I were like ‘Go, Mom!’”

As mentioned above, Ree Drummond announced more than a new clothing line as she appears to be branching into the snack business with three new snack mixes. They include the Knock You Naked Mix, Pecan Sticky Buns, and Spicy Cowgirl Snack Mix

With each snack available at Walmart for just a little under $5, Drummond explained the new venture to Guilty Eats, admitting, “I’m a lifelong fan of snacking, so I have been wanting to create my own line of snack mixes that would allow me to tell specific flavor and recipe stories. The Knock You Naked Snack Mix was inspired by an old fashioned gooey, caramelly brownie recipe I’ve made for years.”

The Pioneer Woman’s Guilty Pleasure Food

While sounding delicious, the businesswoman noted that her teenage son’s favorite is the Pecan Sticky Buns. Ree Drummond noted, “The Pecan Sticky Buns Snack Mix has honey roasted pecans, white chocolate mini cups, and cinnamon sugar caramel coated puffs—and it is absolutely amazing. (My teenage son Todd is a huge fan of this one.)” 

Revealing her own favorite guilty-pleasure food, Ree Drummond said, “Any coffee-flavored dessert is a weakness of mine! Tiramisu, coffee ice cream, coffee-toffee pie, espresso brownies…I’ll take them all!”