‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Posts ‘Hot’ Video of Husband Ladd Cowboying on the Ranch

by Megan Molseed

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond is loving the cowboy life. And, the TV personality is also loving catching her longtime husband, Ladd looking “hot” as he does some on their Oklahoma ranch.

In a recent Instagram post, Ree Drummond takes her followers on an early morning journey that begins even before the sun comes up. The Pioneer Woman continues through multiple directions – and gates – as she heads towards the group of cowboys working with cattle just ahead.

The post is captioned with a simple note, “Directions are hard.” It’s a hilarious point to add to the Insta video as we journey with Drummond through the ranch as she heads towards her husband, Ladd while he does some hardcore early morning “cowboying.”

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Travels Down The Country Roads, Headed For “The Gathering”

As the Instagram video begins, we get a glimpse outside of Ree Drummonds’ windshield as she heads down the country roads toward her husband. It’s early morning, no doubt. So early, in fact, that the sun hasn’t even popped out above the horizon yet.

The comments over the video note that The Pioneer Woman’s husband, Ladd told her to “take this road.”

“Then drive to that first gate,” Drummond’s post recounts of the complicated early morning directions.

Next, the Pioneer Woman’s video notes she is then directed to “go through the gate and head on around to the south past that draw.”

“Then take that road to the west,” the video continues as the Pioneer Woman ventures further out. After a few more of these directions including a trip through a second gate and a veer towards the south, Drummond finally arrives at her destination.

“I’m finally here,” she captions the video which depicts a beautiful rolling field as the sun finally begins to peak out over the horizon.

Ree Drummond Takes A Moment To Share With Her Fans Some Of The Hardworking Cowboy’s Adventures

“The cowboys are behind the cattle on horses,” Drummond’s captions read. Then, we see Ladd on his horse, working hard to bring the cattle home.

“There’s the father of my children,” the video continues.

“I love him on his horse,” the captions continue. “Now that’s hot.”

A few seconds later, Ladd appears in the video again as Drummond “swoons” over her cowboy.

“Cowboys Are Nice”

Eventually, Ladd and his fellow cowboys gather the cattle up and get them back into the pens. Ree greets the men as they trot by on their horses, heading out once again for another round of cowboying.

“Cowboys are nice,” the video reads as we see Ladd and company ride off into the horizon in search of more cattle to herd toward the pens.