‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Recaps Oklahoma 4th of July Celebration in Festive Photos

by Megan Molseed

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond and her family like to spend quality time with each other. Recently, the group spent the fourth of July dancing in the streets, celebrating Independence Day. And, thankfully, the Food Network star likes to share these fun moments by sharing the festivities with her fans in a recent Instagram post.

In a July 11 post to the popular social media website, Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond shared a series of pictures of some festive street “dancin'” during the Pawhuska Fourth of July celebrations last week. And, Drummond points out, nearly everyone got involved in the fun that afternoon.

“Lots of dancin’ in the street at our Fourth of July celebration in Pawhuska last week!” Ree Drummond shares in her post.

“The dancing started in the afternoon,” the Food Network star says in her Insta post.

“briefly paused for the fireworks, and continued well after midnight,” she adds, punctuating the festive post with two dancing emojis. “See if you can spot some familiar faces!”

Ree Drummond And Her Loved Ones Also Enjoy An Impressive Fourth Of July Fireworks Display

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond and her family have resided in Pawhuska County Oklahoma for years now. So, it’s no surprise that this is exactly where they want to be while celebrating Independence Day. The Food Network star shares some of the impressive sights and sounds of this Fourth of July celebration last week in another Insta post.

“About last night…” Drummond quips in the flashy Insta post. It’s clear that this little section of Oklahoma is important to Drummond. The Pioneer Woman has even set up shop right in the heart of Pawhuska county.

“Oh gosh, I just feel such pride for Pawhuska,” Ree Drummond explains of her Oklahoma home during a recent discussion with Entertainment Tonight. Drummond continues on to say that the business she runs from this piece of Oklahoma means so much more than her Pioneer Woman name. It’s about the community, the Food Network star explains.

“It’s not really about me and my businesses as much as just the community,” Drummond explains. “The amazing people that are here.”

Drummond adds that she has always been drawn to the culture in the county. And, she takes pride in attracting fans and customers to the area.

“I’m glad that the businesses that I have opened here have attracted people from all over who might never have come to Pawhuska,” she says.