‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Is Taking on an Awesome New Project With Her Sister

by Samantha Whidden

“Pioneer Woman” star Ree Drummond is reportedly teaming up with her sister Betsy on an awesome new project. 

In a recent blog post, Ree Drummond revealed that she and her sister Betsy have decided to purchase a house together in Pawhuska, Oklahoma with a mission to revote it. The newly purchased him is called “Sister House.”

Ree Drummond further revealed that Betsy didn’t get a chance to travel to Oklahoma for more than a year during the year COVID-19 pandemic days. “By the time Alex’s wedding rolled around last year, she was ready for a nice, long visit! Long story short, that visit turned into more visits through last summer, and by fall she was spending lots of time here. And I got to see my nephew Elliot, a lot more – I missed him!”

The TV personality went on to share details about the house she and Betsy purchased. “It’ll double as an extra place in town for friends and family (and film crews!) to stay as needed and over time we just started calling it ‘Sister House’. That name has stuck!”

Along with sharing the news, Ree Drummond also shared some snapshots of the house. “Here’s the front of the house! We stayed pretty true to the original, as we didn’t want to make any sweeping changes (like painting the brick white) that might be jarring to the sweet, quiet neighborhood. We have some landscaping to do and want to paint the front door a neat color.”

From there, she showed off some snapshots of the new doorway entry, family room, the stairs, under stair shelves, the dining room (originally a living room), cabinet doors, and more. 

Ree Drummond Talks Previous Renovation Project She took on For Her and Her Husband Nearly 50 Year House

Last month, Ree Drummond reportedly moved out of the house she raised her kids. She and her husband, Ladd moved into a “smaller” house. However, she and Ladd notably renovated their original house in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, which happened to be the same house Ladd grew up in. It is nearly 50 years old. 

“It wasn’t a charming 50-year-old house,” Ree Drummond explained to People. “We loved raising our kids in the house, but it had foundation problems and had developed a few problems that were going to be pretty overwhelming to fix.”

While speaking about her new home, Ree Drummond shared, “We wound up building a small house right next to our regular house over the past year. And we moved into it in December.”

Ree Drummond is now living with Ladd along with their 18-year-old son Todd, who is the only kid currently living with the couple. “We packed our things and walked across the yard. The new house was notably not far. It was also an easy move. We packed our things and walked across the yard – it was so funny – and moved in.”