‘Pissed Off Trucker’ TikTok Star Dies in Kansas Crash

by Sean Griffin

Steven Hull Raley, otherwise known as @Pissed_off_trucker on TikTok, died on July 12. He died after his semi-truck crashed in Kansas. He was 52 years old.

The incident occurred around 8:30 pm on July 12th near Colby, Kansas, The Kansas City Star indicates. They cite a report from the Kansas Highway Patrol.

According to the publication, Raley’s 2019 Volvo semi-truck veered off the highway and crashed through a fence. The truck barreled on for another quarter-mile. Then, it crashed back through a fence and crossed both sides of the interstate. The truck eventually came to a halt once it dipped into a nearby ditch.

The TikTok star was pronounced dead at Citizens Medical Center, according to the outlet. Steven Hull Raley was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the incident.

One organization named Truckers Final Mile is accepting donations on behalf of Raley’s family. They aim to to help get Raley’s body home to Birmingham, Alabama. He will be laid to rest in Birmingham, the charity said on Facebook. Truckers Final Mile is an organization that works to reunite trucker families in times of crisis.

Steven Hull Raley: A Family Man

By all accounts, Raley was a devoted family man. In the last TikTok video he posted, Raley said he wanted to get home more than anything. The video was posted just hours before he died, The Kansas City Star reports.

“All I care about is getting home,” he reportedly said in his last post. “That’s what I care about more than anything else.”

Raley constantly talked about his love for his wife and children. His account was also popular with truckers. He helped give insight on the lives of truckers, once saying that trucking wasn’t for “the faint of heart.” Raley spoke to the struggle current truckers go through, including incredibly high gas prices.

He also would post safety tips, lessons for truckers and other drivers on the highways, and stories from his time as a trucker. Some of his videos got millions of views, like one helping drivers understand trucking hazards.

“I only knew him through social media but his humor, positivity, love of this industry, the undying love of his bride and children was genuine. He made an impact on others’ lives,” one fan commented on Facebook. “We lost one of the good ones.”

Other users flooded the post with well-wishes for Raley and his family. One user wrote, “He was one in a million and will never be forgotten! He shared some many smiles and laughter with all of us! He will be missed by many!”

“My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Rest easy,” another user wrote.

In the wake of the accident, Raley’s TikTok account seems to have been deleted.