Priscilla Presley Celebrates 77th Birthday in Special Celebration With Loved Ones

by Taylor Cunningham

Priscilla Presley spent a lavish night with friends and family at one of Beverly Hills’ most luxurious restaurants this weekend.

The occasion was a major milestone for Elvis Presley’s ex-wife. She turned 77 on May 24th. But was finally able to celebrate the day with people in style on June 3rd.

Presley gathered at the TATEL with a small group of loved ones and wined and dined them on the establishment’s exclusive El Patio. To jazz up the area, Pricilla Presley had the restaurant set up a large square table that was centered with several arrangements of flowers.

Priscilla Presley Celebrating Big Day Just Before the ‘Elvis Biopic’ Drop

Priscilla Presley’s birthday dinner took place exactly three weeks before her ex-husband’s biopic, Elvis, is set to drop worldwide (June 24).

Presley has, of course, seen the film already—just as the rest of her family has. And recently, she had an extra special viewing surrounded by hundreds of fans at the Cannes Film Festival.

While there, the first large audience got a peek at the Baz Luhrmann work of art. And apparently, the crowd went wild.

As Presley wrote on Instagram, she was honored to be in attendance to watch the overwhelming love that people shared for the film.

“I’m just returning from the Cannes Film Festival,” she captioned next to a photo of herself and the cast members. “Baz Luhrmann’s Film, Elvis received a 12-minute standing ovation. There was not an empty seat in the large theatre including the balcony. From my understanding, It was the longest ovation ever received for a film. Actor Austin Butler’s performance as Elvis was mesmerizing.”

The official Rotten Tomato score also landed on May 30th. And those who have been lucky enough to catch the film early handed it a hefty 80%, which gives it a “fresh” score.

‘Elvis’ Explores How The King of Rock Became an Icon

Elvis takes an unusual approach to showcasing The King of Rock. Instead of focusing on his most famous days in the music and Hollywood world, it explores how he became a star. Most notably, Luhrman follows the often difficult relationship that Elvis had with the manager who discovered him, Colonel Tom Parker. We will also get to take a glimpse into the six-year marriage that the singer shared with Priscilla Presley.

The movie stars Austin Butler as Elvis Presley and Olivia DeJong as Pricilla Presley. And in the role of Tom Parker is Tom Hanks, an actor who Luhrman describes as a “Rolls Royce.”

“So one of the great thrills in working with Tom, who is the Rolls Royce of actors, I mean, you know, that is a ride you want to be on,” Luhrmann told CinemaBlend. “But to be around him and let him – he’ll be playing a new string on his instrument. And I think that’s a thrilling thing to see.”