Priscilla Presley Clarifies Licensing Efforts for Elvis Presley-Themed Weddings in Las Vegas

by Taylor Cunningham

Authentic Brands Group (ABG) is cracking down on Sin City’s Elvis Presley-themed weddings, and people are furious. But in a recent text message, Priscilla Presley asked people to keep their minds open because the new rules are actually “a good thing.”

On May 19th, The brand management company slammed a warning on Las Vegas wedding chapels that have been using the King of Rock’s name and image in marketing. It said that if the chapels continued making money off of Elvis, it may sue for intellectual copyright infringement.

The news caused a bit of chaos among city officials and chapel owners. So AGB backtracked and said that the chapels can continue with their weddings if they buy a licensing partnership. The cost of the partnership is reportedly less than $1,000, according to Las Vegas Review-Journal.

To help ease tensions, AGB also offered free tickets to a screening of Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic.

But finding a middle ground didn’t appease most people involved in the Elvis wedding business. So Priscilla Presley offered some further explanation.

“ABG is the guardian of the Elvis Presley legacy, as is the family,” she texted to the LV Review. “They and the family are committed to protecting it for generations to come. ABG is sorry that recent communication with a small number of Las Vegas-based chapels caused confusion and concern. That was never ABG’s intention.”

Presley also went on to note that the company is helping to ensure that the chapels are using “Elvis’ name, image, and likeness” in a way that is “keeping with his legacy.”

“Elvis is embedded into the fabric of Las Vegas, and ABG embraces and celebrates Elvis fandom,” she added.

Las Vegas Mayor Suggests Meeting with AGB After Pricilla Presley Attempts to Sooth Tensions

While offering licensing partnerships has helped to smooth over some of the tensions amid the Elvis wedding debacle, Mayor Carolyn Goodman is requesting a private meeting with AGB to discuss the impact the new regulations will have on the city.

“I have been very upset by what this could mean to our marriage business in Las Vegas,” she said in a phone chat. “I feel this company couldn’t care less about the impact this can have on our city.”

However, Goodman stressed that she has no ill will towards Elvis’ family because of this matter. While AGB bought controlling interest of Elvis Presley Enterprises in 2013, his only child, Lisa Marie Presley, still owns 15%. And she still plays a hand in the decisions made by ABG.

“I have been here through all of Elvis’s time in Las Vegas, from ‘Viva Las Vegas,’ their wedding, his shows at the International and Las Vegas Hilton,” Goodman stressed. “I have great admiration for Elvis, for Priscilla and Lisa Marie. Elvis in so many ways is Las Vegas, and this has nothing to do with his family.”