Priscilla Presley Reacts To Massive Crowd at Graceland Candlelight Vigil for Elvis

by Tia Bailey

It has been 45 years to the date since iconic singer-songwriter Elvis Presley died in his home. His ex-wife, Priscilla Presley, reacted to how many people showed up for the Graceland Candlelight Vigil for her late ex-husband.

Elvis died of a heart attack at his Graceland mansion in Memphis Tennessee in 1997. This past week, thousands of people showed up for the annual candlelight vigil at Graceland to honor the King of Rock n’ Roll. Presley reacted to how many showed up while interviewing with TODAY.

“Oh my gosh, it’s been a big week, that’s for sure” she said in the interview. “And to see the amount of people that still come to see Elvis is unbelievable. We had the vigil last night, the candlelight vigil. 30,000 people showed up, so that says a lot.”

Presley was then asked about the new “Elvis” film starring Austin Butler as the rock star. When asked if she thinks the movie is creating a whole new generation of Elvis fans, she replied, “Absolutely.”

She continued: “Especially since the movie, I mean what a great movie. I have to say he is a genius. I don’t know anyone else who could have done this movie like he did. He does his own thing.”

Priscilla Presley Reacts to Elvis Biopic

Presley then admits that she was “nervous” about the film when she first heard about it.

“I actually met [director Baz Luhrmann]. I invited him to my home,” she said. “We spent about four hours together. He put me at ease. Still, I didn’t know how it was going to come out. So when I saw it, I saw it actually with Jerry Schilling. We had a private screening. We didn’t speak. We didn’t talk at all. And at the end we went wow, this is- this is Elvis.”

Presley is one of many to praise the movie. Although the film currently only has a 78% on Rotten Tomatoes, audiences have been taking to social media to express how much they loved the film.

Austin Butler and Tom Hanks in particular have received a lot of praise for their portrayals of Elvis and his manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

Many have put together side-by-side videos of Butler in the film next to actual videos of Elvis, and the similarities are uncanny.

One fan tweeted out: “Lord have mercy” mic scene from Polk Salad Annie Elvis Presley in concert / Austin Butler as Elvis in #ElvisMovie.”

Another tweet reads: “Elvis Presley & Austin Butler 1956 photo comparison. It’s incredible how Austin even embodied the foot work in this image. #ElvisMovie  photos by: Alfred Wertheimer + Hugh Stewart.”

“Elvis” was released in theaters back in June of this year, and people are still going to see it in theaters where it is still showing.