Priscilla Presley Speaks Out About Elvis-themed Wedding Bans at Las Vegas Chapels

by Emily Morgan

Priscilla Presley, the former wife of Elvis Presley, is giving her two cents on the recent ban of Elvis impersonators from Las Vegas chapels. But, as she describes, it’s all news to her.

According to CNN, some wedding chapels in Sin City are receiving cease-and-desist letters demanding they stop using The King’s image. Now, the ex-wife of Elvis is giving us her thoughts. While she was leaving a restaurant, she set the record straight. She tells TMZ the ban had “nothing to do with me.”

However, those hoping to tie the knot with an Elvis impersonator may not have to check themselves into a heartbreak hotel. As it turns out, the whole thing may have been just a miscommunication.

On Thursday, the company that first began the ban, Authentic Brands Group, came forward with a new statement. They apologized for causing “confusion and concern” with their recent communication with some Las Vegas wedding chapels.

“That was never our intention,” the group said. “We are working with the chapels to ensure that the usage of Elvis’ name, image, and likeness is in keeping with his legacy.”

They continued, saying that the King of Rock-n-Roll is “embedded into the fabric of Las Vegas.” They added they seek to embrace and celebrate Elvis fandom. “From tribute artists and impersonators to chapels and fan clubs, each and every one of these groups help to keep Elvis relevant for new generations of fans.”

Per reports, Las Vegas’ Clark County had issued five million marriage licenses as of February 20, 2022. As it turns out, people really can’t help but fall in love.

Elvis-themed chapels get all shook up

“Elvis Presley long called Las Vegas his home and his name has become synonymous with Las Vegas weddings,” Jason Whaley, president of the Vegas Wedding Chamber, said.

In addition, the statement also mentioned its concern for impersonators. For example, Vegas is home to hundreds of Elvis impersonators. This ban could mean their livelihoods could be on the line if this ban were in place.

“The Vegas Wedding Chamber shares a concern that many of our chapels and (impersonators’) livelihoods are being targeted. Especially as many are still trying to recover financially from the hurdles we all endured with COVID shutdowns,” they added.

“We’ll continue to focus on the situation and look forward to a resolution that will not negatively impact the Las Vegas wedding economy or the Elvis wedding experience that so many couples travel to Las Vegas to be part of.”

Before the company returned its statements, Elvis-themed chapels were scrambling, trying to change their methods. Last weekend, one chapel made its Elvis impersonators change from their original sequins and white boots into a leather jacket and a fedora for a “rock ‘n’ roll” themed ceremony.

At the time, the company didn’t put a ban on Graceland’s Wedding Chapel. The Tennessee chapel performs 6,400 Elvis-themed weddings every year.

Hopefully, the company won’t ban impersonators seeing as it would be a sad day if he genuinely leaves the building.