Priscilla Presley Speaks Out About Iconic Photo Waving Goodbye to Elvis Presley

by Emily Morgan

Priscilla Presley may have been married to one of the most beloved icons; however, Priscilla also turned herself into a legend in her own right. 

While The King was more than well-known for his iconic looks throughout the years, so was Priscilla. In a recent interview, the 77-year-old opened up about her style evolution and the famous photo seen around the world. 

The photo is of a young Priscilla waving goodbye to Elvis as he departs for his Army service in Germany— the same place the two young lovers met years earlier. Little did she know, the photo would become a fixture in American pop culture. As she waves goodbye, you can see Priscilla in a belted dress and headscarf as she bids him adieu. 

“I dreaded this day very much because I didn’t know, actually, if I was ever going to see him again,” she said, per Today, looking back at the photo of herself. 

She added, “One request that he asked that I not be teary-eyed, so you see me smiling here. There are other pictures where I am down, looking away, and knowing that I may never see him again. So that was the beginning.”

Pricilla met the “Hound Dog” singer when he was stationed overseas for the Army in Germany at 14. When Elvis returned, the two eventually tied the knot in Las Vegas in 1967.

However, long before they walked down the aisle, the paparazzi were already following the famous couple. Priscilla even struggled to find a wedding dress without the press knowing. 

Priscilla Presley describes wedding dress shopping, achieving iconic hairdo

“I would go into stores, people would recognize me and of course then know there was a wedding ahead,” she admitted. “This was such a well-kept secret because we wanted it to be our wedding with our friends and not loaded with paparazzi.”

She also added that she asked that her male friend come wedding dress shopping with her and act as her future groom. She revealed she even wore sunglasses to keep bystanders from recognizing her. 

Priscilla, who’s also getting new-found attention thanks to the new movie Elvis, also opened up about how she achieved the gravity-defying hairdo she made famous in the ’60s. 

“That’s a pretty big hairdo I have. This was the style,” she said of one particularly bee-hive look. 

“That was my hair. Not all of it—I had a little bump underneath and my hair went on top of it,” she explained. “And I did this especially for Elvis. He had gone away to do a movie and I wanted to surprise him. There was a lot of teasing in this hair, a lot of teasing. That was huge in the ’60s.”