Ray Liotta’s ‘Blackbird’ Co-Star Taron Egerton Remembers Working With His Late ‘Hero’

by Craig Garrett

Taron Egerton recently opened up about working with the late Ray Liotta in his new Apple TV+ series, Blackbird. This will serve as one of Liotta’s final on-screen performances. Egerton came to prominence in 2014 following his role in Kingsman: The Secret Service. A 2017 sequel followed, along with a Golden Globe nomination for his lead performance in 2019’s Elton John biopic, Rocketman.

Next up for Egerton is the Apple TV+ limited series, Black Bird. The series is based on a memoir by James Keene called In With The Devil: A Fallen Hero, A Serial Killer, and A Dangerous Bargain for Redemption. Black Bird was shepherded by Mystic River author, Dennis Lehane. Along with Egerton and Ray Liotta, the series stars Greg Kinnear and Paul Walter Hauser. Liotta plays Taron Egerton’s father in the series. Recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Egerton shared some of his experiences on set with Liotta.

“Obviously, he was something of a hero to me,” Egerton told guest host Chelsea Handler. “I read this script, it’s got a very touching and really dysfunctional relationship at the heart of it. The relationship between my character and his father. And it was so exciting when Ray agreed to do it,” the actor said.

Ray Liotta and Taron Egerton share a tender moment on set

Despite his excitement for the opportunity to work with Ray Liotta, he admitted to being a bit intimidated. “I stepped on set and [Liotta] was kind of in his own world,” Egerton explained. So I thought I’d leave him to it. Give him his space.” However, Liotta must have noticed the distance between the two and took action. “He sort of caught my eye and just stood up. [He] walked towards me in a kind of a frail way. He’s in ailing health on the show,” Edgerton pointed out. [Then] he just embraced me. And we sort of stayed that way for a little while.” The Rocket Man had nothing but praise for Liotta. “He’s amazing on the show. I loved working with him,” he said.

In Black Bird, Ray Liotta plays a police officer whose incarcerated son (played by Egerton) must transfer to a high-security prison in order to elicit a confession out of a suspected serial killer. Unfortunately, Liotta died not long after shooting wrapped Black Bird. However, Liotta recently returned to a role similar to his break-out performance in Goodfellas. He played a gangster on the Soprnano’s spin-off movie, 2021’s The Many Saints of Newark. That film can be seen streaming on HBO Max.

Meanwhile, Ray Liotta’s Black Bird co-star has been making some waves. In a recent New York Times interview, he admitted to meeting Marvel Studios about playing superhero Wolverine.

Black Bird is set to drop on July 8th.