Resurfaced Elvis Presley Photos Spark Fan Frenzy on Social Media

by Tia Bailey

Photos of the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley have resurfaced on the internet. Fans have been going crazy over the collection of pictures.

A Reddit user shared the photos to the subreddit r/pics, titling the post: “My mom’s photos from an Elvis Presley concert in 1977 [OC].” The post currently has 32.3K upvotes. View the photos here.

“Wow she had great seats!” one user commented. Fans underneath the post also noted that the photos were taken just months before the star’s death.

The photos have the vintage, orangey tint to them, and are very close to the star.

Some fans took to sharing their stories about the star underneath. One user wrote: “In august of 1977 I was seven years old. That August, Elvis died. My dad, just a year younger than Elvis, got drunk on piña coladas on our beach vacation and spent the whole night terrifying my 6 year old brother and me as he wept, drunk, in the bathtub, crying about Elvis dying, and his own mortality, as he suffered through a 41 year old drunken mid life crisis. That was the first — and I’m pretty sure only — time I saw my dad that drunk. It was, at best, confusing, to me, age seven. Elvis was only 42 years old when he died. My dad was 64 when he died. So, in the end, at the least, he did outlive Elvis. That’s my Elvis story.”

The post comes shortly after Baz Luhrmann’s biopic about the star came out. Austin Butler starred as Elvis, and the film got great reviews. Many fans were amazed at how well Butler did in the role. Elvis’s real-life family and acquaintances also commented on the film, saying how spectacular it was.

Elvis’ Friends, Family, and Loved Ones Talk About ‘Elvis’ Biopic

One of the most-anticipated reactions of the film was from Elvis’ ex-wife, Priscilla Presley. She had originally said that when she first heard about the film, she was “nervous.” However, after meeting with Luhrmann, and especially after seeing the film herself, she was amazed and impressed by it.

“This story is about Elvis and Colonel Parker’s relationship,” Priscilla wrote. “It is a true story told brilliantly and creatively that only Baz, in his unique artistic way, could have delivered. Tom Hanks was Colonel Parker in this film. What a character he was. There was two sides to Colonel, Jerry and I witnessed both. The story, as we all know, does not have a happy ending. But I think you will understand a little bit more of Elvis’ journey, penned by a director who put his heart and soul and many hours into this film.”

The summer blockbuster is available to stream now on HBO Max.