Richard Karn Has Two Words in Response for Tim Allen’s ‘Pronoun’ Tweet

by Shelby Scott

Inclusivity and social awareness are two points of importance in contemporary society and, Tim Allen, a comedian well known for his sarcastic outlook on these kinds of things, has found a way to equally offend everybody. And his buddy and costar Richard Karn has an equally humorous response. See the thread below.

In response, Richard Karn, Allen’s costar from the early 1990s comedy sitcom Home Improvement, has just a few words: “Good job you.”

Home Improvement fans, finding humor in Tim Allen’s post and Richard Karn’s retweet, said, “Hey you! Great job!” and “Way to go you.”

Over on Tim Allen’s original post, which received more than 12K likes and over 1,000 retweets in less than two hours, fans shared equally humorous responses.

“I would answer to it,” one fan joked. Another quipped, “Howdy, and y’all (could be safe too).”

Given the nature of Allen’s post, it did stir up some controversy in the comments, with other Twitter users claiming the TV star’s post to be a bit insensitive. Still, others utilized “Hey you” to address Tim Allen himself and vow that they will not be seeing the new Lightyear movie as Disney booted Buzz Lightyear’s original voice actor, Tim Allen himself, from the role.

Altogether, responses were varied, though given the tone of Tim Allen’s typical posts, we’re not exactly surprised.

Tim Allen to Launch New Series Beside ‘Home Improvement’ Costar Richard Karn

Home Improvement fans loved seeing the banter between Richard Karn and Tim Allen during the heyday of the show in the 1990s, and now they’re getting a second chance to see the pair star on TV together all over.

In an all-new series called More Power, a riff off of Tim-The-Toolman-Taylor, Karn and Allen will pair up with the woodworking YouTube star April Wilkerson. Together, the trio will shine a light on the history of tools, which definitely promises to be unique.

“Our new series covers how tools have evolved over the years,” Tim Allen announces in the new show’s trailer, which you can view here. Wilkerson chimes in, stating, “because there is always room for improvement.”

Poking fun at his costar, Richard Karn asks, “What would you improve about yourself Tim?” to which the Tim Taylor actor quips, “Why mess with perfection?”

More Power, a History Channel series, will air this Wednesday at 10 EST, and is made up of a ten-episode run.

Meanwhile, fans have shared their own excitement for the brand new show. While the History Channel takes us through the history of America on shows like American Pickers or Pawn Stars, More Power gives us the opportunity to look at history in an all-new light. Of the upcoming show, one fan said, “This is wonderful to see, it’s a great way to get people to learn about different tools and how to use them and hopefully that can lead them being able to create or fix things on their own.”