Richard Karn Says He and Tim Allen ‘Love to Argue’ About ‘Knee-Jerk’ Political Positions

by Taylor Cunningham

Tim Allen and Richard Karn are back together and starring in a new series called More Power. And as Karn recently shared, the project is great because he and his old pal can once again do what they love most—argue.

As Allen shared with ET, their on-screen personas aren’t far from their real-life friendship. Back when they first met during Home Improvement, they learned that Karn was the straight man to Allen’s flighty, off-the-wall antics. And it worked well.

So the two forged a life-long friendship that has brought them back together on-screen a handful of times.

“Life imitates art. If it weren’t for Richard, we’d never finish anything…” Tim Allen admitted. “It’s just like Al and Tim Taylor, just kind of farting around.”

Karn jumped in to say that they quickly “fall into old patterns” when they’re with each other, which makes working together even more fun. And apparently, their pattern is like an old married couple.

They love bickering with each other—just like Tim and Al did—especially about “knee-jerk” politics. And with all the recent current news changes, they have a whole new slew of topics to argue about.

“What’s wonderful is that we’ve had some years, you know, where we weren’t in that pattern and new things have happened and new ways of communicating. And boy, do we love to communicate. We love to argue with each other.”

“I don’t really have a position,” Allen added. “I just like to know what everybody else’s position is. I’m not trying to prove the other guy wrong, I’m trying to understand and clarify. So my position is clear.”

Fans are Loving Tim Allen and Richard Karns ‘More Power’

As for their new series, More Power—it’s a hit. The show premiered yesterday. And after watching, fans quickly hit up social media to share their thoughts.

As GinaH89 wrote on Twitter, she loved seeing the guys fall into their old patterns and joke around “unscripted.” She also appreciated how the three hosts, which include YouTube star, April Wilkerson, kept to the point. Instead of bringing in politics, they just had fun and taught fans about tools.

And other people, like AllenRocks7, made it a point to say that the series does a great job at giving history lessons while keeping the mood light and fun.

For those who missed the debut, More Power is similar to Tim Allen and Richard Karn’s fictional TV show, Tool Time. The duo and Wilkerson, who also stars in their other series, Assembly Required, teach people about everyday tools. They do so by explaining how they evolved over the centuries. And then, the hosts head out and put them to test in the real world.

You can catch the first episode on the History Channel’s streaming website.