Rob Lowe Hilariously Tells Drew Barrymore Their Parents Probably Hooked Up in the 1980s

by Craig Garrett

Rob Lowe has a sneaking suspicion that his dad and Drew Barrymore’s mom may have done some serious partying years ago. Barrymore was the latest guest on the podcast Literally! With Rob Lowe. The pair have a lot in common. They got their big breaks in showbiz in the 1980s, and both battled personal demons. More recently, they’ve made the transition to tv. Barrymore with her own talk show and Lowe as the star of 911: Lone Star.

However, another thing Rob Lowe and Drew Barrymore have in common is hellraising parents. On the podcast, Lowe and Barrymore reflected on memories from the Los Angeles nightlife spot Helena’s back in the 1980s. Barrymore, 47, recalled frequently going to the club with her mom Jaid, now 76.

Lowe first brings up the possibility that his dad may have had an encounter with Barrymore’s mom. The pair speculate that Lowe’s father Charles may have, according to Barrymore “ended up together” with her mother. “I wouldn’t doubt it,” Barrymore pondered. Lowe agrees, quipping “Neither would I.” Lowe takes it a step further. “I kind of like the thought of it, I have to say,” he added.

Rob Lowe Called the Club Barrymore’s Mother Frequented “Amazing”

Barrymore then opens up about her free-spirited mother. “Literally, my mom was fun, is fun. She was a good-time gal.” Lowe agrees with the assessment. “My sense is, as mothers go, she was in her wheelhouse at Helena’s.”

Barrymore then joked to Rob Lowe about how frequently her mom would go to the famous club. “She and I used to go to Helena’s, I feel, like multiple times a week. You know how people hit the gym a few times a week? We hit Helena’s a few times a week.”

Barrymore then goes on to say she saw Sean Penn and Madonna at Helena’s “all the time”. Inside the club, she ran into Jack Nicholson, whom she’d go on to party with years later outside of the club. Rob Lowe said Helena’s was “amazing” and pointed out the “disparate, insane, high level of people that were there.”

“Jack Nicholson was a fixture [at Helena’s],” Barrymore told Rob Lowe. “He went to Helena’s as many nights a week as me and my mom. And funny enough, I ended up, like, partying with him a lot years later at his house. It was never inappropriate. We would just party and talk and hang out. I love Jack. But I feel like I made friends with him at Helena’s, which then matriculated into, a decade later, us, like, partying at his house.”

Rob Lowe launched his podcast back in 2020. He’s part of Conan O’Brien’s podcast network, Team Coco. You can find the entire run of the show here.