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Rob Schneider Speaks on Major Issues Pitting Americans Against One Another

by Joe Rutland
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(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

Rob Schneider is concerned about many major issues that are currently pitting Americans against each other. The actor-comedian recently talked about it with Brian Kilmeade of Fox News on One Nation. He makes it quite clear that he’s not afraid to speak up about controversial topics, including what makes him worried for his children’s future.

“When you have little kids and you start thinking about, ‘Well, I got a good nest egg for them to take care of them financially,’ but then, like, what does that matter if the country that they live in where you have a guy, a president wins at midnight, 3 in the morning and loses?” Schneider asked. “At a certain point you have to think, what are you really leaving behind?

Rob Schneider Calls Out Political Parties Over Their Need For Power

“If enough people will just say, ‘Enough of this,’ and it’s not just the Democrats, it’s the Republicans, too, because they don’t want to give up that power either,” Schneider continued, Fox News reports. 

Rob Schneider said that in order to make it fair, he proposed that we need to make a case for a return to the normal hatred that we have in our government with all the branches competitive.

“It’s not going to be a perfect system. This is a constitutional republic that we have — it’s not fair. It’s not going to be fair for everybody, but it is a better system,” Schneider said. “And all you have to do is look around to see what’s happening in Europe and China, and you go, like, ‘You know what? It’s still really darn good here.'” 

Schneider will get back to stand-up comedy. He goes on tour starting later this month, and he’s making stops across America through May.

Meanwhile, in other Rob Schneider-related news, he found himself stranded out in Arizona. He happened to be driving near Scottsdale, Arizona, when his Tesla reportedly broke down. This all went down on December 22, just days before Christmas. But Schneider reached out for some help from the Scottsdale Police Department and received it.

He was not shy in letting his followers on social media know how much he appreciated the assistance. “A huge THANK YOU to Scottsdale Finest @ScottsdalePD for all your help today when my car broke down!” Schneider said in his December 22 Twitter post. “Thanks, Officer Lee! YOU CAN DO IT!!” Maybe we will see Schneider pop up again in an Adam Sandler movie. He reportedly gets a lot of roles from his funny friend and sometimes co-star.