Robert Irwin to Speak Out About Dad Steve Irwin’s Death in TV Special

by Tia Bailey

Robert Irwin, son of the late Steve Irwin, has quickly become adored by Irwin fans. The young conservationist appears on The Living Room to talk about his father in a Father’s Day special.

Irwin, 18, has definitely taken after his father Steve. He is a TV personality, zookeeper, conservationist, and wildlife photographer. His appearance on The Living Room was announced via a trailer for the upcoming special episode.

The trailer features Irwin entering the set with a giant snake, and the hosts freak out. It then cuts to Irwin sitting at the table with everyone, saying “It has been the honor of my life to continue my dad’s legacy.”

Steve Irwin, also known as “The Crocodile Hunter,” was a very loved wildlife expert. He appeared with animals that many wouldn’t dare to get near, and his positive personality made everyone love him. He very sadly passed away in 2006 due to a sting from a venomous stingray while filming a documentary.

Robert has been popular on TikTok for a while, and many make the comparison between him and his father. He looks a lot like him, and has the same knack for knowing how to communicate with animals that Steve had. However, a TikTok user recently called people out for the constant comparisons. Nearly every video Robert posts on the app is filled with comments about his father.

The TikTok user, sa99ymaggie, shared a video that said “Robert Irwin: Look at this cool animal. The entire comment section:” And she says: “Your dad is dead…and I miss him.”

Robert Irwin Appears on TV Special to Speak About His Father

The video currently has 5 million views, with many agreeing with her in the comments. However, some have taken it the wrong way. She addressed this in her own comments, writing: “seen a handful of comments cussing me out for ‘making fun of robert for having a dead dad’ the whole point of this video was to call out people who endlessly remind him of that fact and flood his entire comment section. majority of people understood this but some have just completely misinterpreted the entire video.”

Some users added that people do the same with his daughter, Bindi, as well. One person wrote: “bindi posts some new shoes and it’s like ‘your dad would’ve loved those shoes.'”

Although it seems like Robert does not mind, as he had said it is an honor to carry on his legacy, fans wish that people would let him be his own person.

Robert recently shared on Twitter a post about his crocodile research. He tweeted: “A glimpse into our groundbreaking crocodile research. This little one is now the 238th croc tagged – using the ingenious croc catching methods my dad devised we are able to use research to protect this amazing apex predator.”