Robert Irwin Shares Sweet Birthday Tribute To Mom Terri

by Lauren Boisvert

It’s Terri Irwin’s birthday today, July 20, and her son Robert shared a touching tribute to his mother with a post on social media. Terri’s daughter Bindi also shared photos of the family for her mother’s birthday. Robert included a series of personal photos of him and his mother to celebrate the occasion.

“Happy birthday mum!” he captioned the photos. “Thank you for taking us all on so many adventures and for inspiring me every single day. You are the strongest person I know. Love you.”

The first image Robert shared is of him and his mom posing for a selfie. Then, a pic of the two of them together looking dressed up for colder weather. According to the Daily Mail, the two went on a recent trip to Tasmania, and it looks like Robert shared some photos from there as well. There’s one with him and Terri in the mountains, wrapped up in coats. Another playful shot of the two of them in the yard, wearing backwards ballcaps and sunglasses. He also posted a photo of himself, his mother, and sister Bindi, and then one including Bindi’s husband Chandler and their daughter Grace.

Bindi commented first on the post, “These photos and memories are so wonderful.” The Irwins have always seemed like a close-knit family, even before Steve Irwin passed. But, in the wake of his death 16 years ago, they seem to be closer than ever.

Bindi and Robert Irwin Wish Their Mom Terri Happy Birthday On Social Media

Bindi Irwin also posted a sweet photo of the whole family: Terri, Robert, herself, Chandler, and baby Grace Warrior. She captioned the photo with a wonderful note to her mother, and posted it a day before Terri’s birthday, seemingly impatient for the big day.

“Mum, I couldn’t wait to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Bindi wrote. “So excited to celebrate your birthday tomorrow and the amazing, beautiful, inspiring person you are. Thank you for being born. I love you more than I could possibly describe and every day I’m grateful for your kind heart and strong soul. Of all the good things in this world, you’re the most wonderful.”

In all the photos, Terri Irwin looks almost the same as she did in 1996 when “The Crocodile Hunter” first hit TVs everywhere. She’s had the same haircut for 26 years, and I always admire her dedication to keeping bangs for that long. She still wears the same uniform: high-waisted stone-washed work jeans and the Australia Zoo staff shirt. She’s a testament to routine and aging extremely well. Overall, she’s looking happy, healthy, and like she’s enjoying life. So, here’s to Terri Irwin; happy birthday, and we hope it’s a good one.