Robin Williams’ Death Inspired Sarah Michelle Gellar to Take a Break from Hollywood

by Alex Falls

Sarah Michelle Gellar became one of the biggest names in Hollywood when she became a TV sensation on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She also went on to star in numerous films and other TV shows, but she eventually decided to step away from the spotlight and reevaluate her priorities.

Gellar opened up about the decision to step away in a recent interview with People. She described a much-needed hiatus following the death of her friend and former co-star, Hollywood icon Robin Williams.

“I’ve been working my entire life,” Gellar said. “When I had kids — and it was right after Robin passed away — there was just so much going on in my life and I just said, ‘I need to take a break.’ I need to be here for these early formative years of my kids’ life. I needed that break to be the parent that I wanted to be.”

Gellar’s Comeback

Gellar said she’s glad she took the time away from acting to focus on being a mother. But eventually, she started to feel the itch again to get back to what she once did so well.

“I started to really miss it,” Gellar recalled. “But it’s also finding the right opportunity, something that speaks to you that also speaks to your audience.”

While she’s taken a handful of small TV roles or guest appearances in recent years, Gellar hasn’t starred in a project since the end of The Crazy Ones which wrapped up in 2014. The same year Williams passed away.

However, it seems she’s found the project she’s been waiting for. Gellar is set to make her starring return in Wolf Pack for Paramount+. Gellar will star as arson investigator Kristin Ramsey. She is also set to executive produce the series.

“It’s about working with people that I really love working with, where I look forward to spending time with the people,” said Gellar, who had to travel to Atlanta to shoot the series. “I want everyone to have a good time because look, acting’s fun. We’re creative, and yeah, sometimes the nights are really long, but what we get to do is really cool.”

Outside of Acting

While Gellar has mostly stayed away from acting in recent years, she’s kept herself busy between her family and her charity initiatives. Gellar works extensively with This is About Humanity, an organization dedicated to reuniting separated families.

“My husband always jokes that I work as an actor to support my charity habit,” Gellar said. “Because if I could donate every free moment I have, I would. But one of the things that I really like, and I look for specifically in the charities that I work with, it’s sort of that direct connection. This Is About Humanity, there is no overhead. It all goes directly to the charity and you can actually physically see it.”