Rocky Balboa vs. John Wick: UFC Boss Dana White Predicts Who Would Win

by Craig Garrett

UFC president Dana White once put together a fight card full of dream matches that included fictional characters. Despite his expertise in matching up MMA fighters over the years, his selection of the winners in these dream fights might surprise you. In a 2019 interview with TSN, White made some bold choices. He even pitted a modern action star, Keanu Reeves‘ John Wick, against the cultural phenomenon of Rocky Balboa.

For his Ultimate Fighting Card, Dana White was given the option to choose from a selection of popular film and comic book characters. When choosing who to feature in his title fight, the UFC President chose Bruce Lee without hesitation. White referred to Lee as the “G.O.A.T” (greatest of all time) as he tried to find an opponent for him. Bear in mind this is from a list that also included the Incredible Hulk, but I digress.

After careful consideration, Dana White chose Chuck Norris to be his main event opponent against Lee. Though it is worth noting that the image of Chuck is him as Walker, Texas Ranger. This gives Norris a slight edge that’s never brought up in the video. White does point out that if Norris and Lee were to fight, Norris would have a clear size advantage. “Chuck Norris was obviously a lot bigger than Bruce Lee, you know, that would have to have been back in the day when there were no weight classes,” White says. He goes on to state that the fight would go the UFC’s full 5 rounds.

Though Dana White is clearly enthusiastic about the dream fight, he won’t say who would win. As far as he’s concerned, the two martial arts legends are nearly equal. “Whoever wins, wins. It’s good for me,” White decides. However, White is less forgiving in his next match-up.

Rocky vs. Wick…who does Dana White back?

The undercard to Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris is more in the fictional realm. However, it’s just as compelling and iconic. Dana White puts John Wick against Rocky Balboa in his prime. Fans of the classic character would likely back the Italian Stallion. This is a professional MMA fight after all, and Balboa certainly has more ring experience compared to Wick. White isn’t so sure.

Rocky stands no chance in that fight,” Dana White quickly declared. He later doubles down on the assessment, saying Rocky “dies gruesomely” in a match against Wick. One can’t help but question why White would pit Balboa against Wick if he felt like it would be so one-sided. Maybe he just knows the match would get butts into seats regardless.

Dana White goes on to select Batman vs Wolverine in a DC vs Marvel grudge match. He picks Wolverine edging out Batman. This makes sense, considering it’s an MMA match and the Dark Knight wouldn’t have access to his gadgets. Plus, Logan could easily heal in hand-to-hand damage Batman could dish out. See the full video, complete with a few other matchups, below.