‘Rocky’ Icon Carl Weathers, LeVar Burton Team Up for Epic Pic, Social Media Lights Up

by Megan Molseed

Rocky icon Carl Weathers connects with LeVar Burton during a recent “Con” weekend and social media is just loving it. Of course, as both stars are sporting some grey goatees and short salt and pepper hairstyles, many fans are calling for the Reading Rainbow alum to join Weathers in some kind of a project playing either brothers or a father/son duo.

“What makes these Con weekends so great is hanging with folks I really like,” LeVar Burton shares in a recent Twitter post.

The former Star Trek: The Next Generation star shares a photo of himself with the Rocky icon, Carl Weathers in the post. Burton adds to his post that he likes to hang out with these folks at the “Con” events because he doesn’t get to see them “as often as I’d enjoy.”

“Always good to see @TheCarlWeathers!” the actor exclaims.

Twitter Fans Are Loving The Pic Of Rocky’s Carl Weatherly And LeVar Burton

Fans of both LeVar Burton and Carl Weathers had a lot to say about this Sunday, August 28 Twitter post. Many of these commenters are loving seeing these two legends together in one pic!

“Awwww!!!” exclaims one fan.

“That’s the coolest ever!!!” the commenter adds. “My childhood right here!!”

“If he’s telling you the world needs a LeVar Burton appearance in The Mandalorian, we do,” another fan quips. “We really absolutely do.”

Of course, some fans couldn’t let go of how similar these two Hollywood icons looked with their salt and pepper looks at this event. One fan notes that the two stars should be playing brothers in an upcoming project.

“Um sir,” the commenter notes on the Twitter post.

“I think we need a film where you two play brothers.”

Some Fans Call On Throwback Roles When Commenting On The Epic Pic

One Twitter fan is quick to hop into the comments “warning” LeVar Burton not to take acting classes from the former Rocky star. This, of course, is a hilarious throwback to the Jason Batemen-led cult-favorite comedy series Arrested Development.

“Whatever you do, don’t let him enroll you in his acting classes!” the Twitter user comments.

Fans of the series remember well that Tobias Fünke (David Cross), the brother-in-law to Bateman’s character, Michael Bluth took acting classes from the real icon…in one of the show’s most hilarious storylines.

This says a lot, too. Because there are many hilarious storylines to follow in Arrested Development!