‘Rocky’: Sylvester Stallone Kept These Two Surprising Props From the Iconic Franchise

by Tia Bailey

Sylvester Stallone is most well-known as the man who brought “Rocky” to life. The sports/drama film is a cult classic, and nearly everyone has seen it. Stallone revealed two props that he kept from the series, and they’re surprising to say the least.

“Rocky” follows small-time fighter Rocky Balboa (Stallone) as he gets the chance of a lifetime — a shot at the world heavyweight championship, which was held by Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). Sports fans or not, audiences loved the film, and it instantly became a classic. This led to several sequels and even a spin-off film series.

In the first movie, Rocky purchases two turtles, Cuff and Link, from Adrian Pennino (Talia Shire). Stallone actually took the two turtles with him from set after they were done with the film. The pair made an appearance in the spinoff, “Creed,” but have been residing at Stallone’s home for years.

He revealed this back in 2018 on Instagram. His post read: “In CREED 2 with my original buddies from the first Rocky… CUFF and LINK, now about 44 years old!”


Fans responded in the comments, shocked that he kept the turtles. One fan wrote, “Love this!! had a box turtle that luved to be almost 70 years old. I miss my little buddy everyday.”

According to Reuters, Stallone also snagged a few (non-living) prop pieces from the series, some of which he even auctioned off a few years back. At the end of December 2021, Julien’s auctions held an auction that included “Rocky” memorabilia, which they estimated to raise a total of $1.5 million.

Sylvester Stallone Takes Iconic Set Pieces Home with Him

Reuters reported: “Nearly 500 items from Stallone’s personal archives are being sold, including costumes, props, scripts, notebooks and other memorabilia from the actor’s biggest films, including the “Rocky” and ‘Rambo’ franchises, ‘Cliffhanger’, ‘The Expendables’ and ‘Demolition Man,’ Julien’s Auctions said on Tuesday.”

Although not taken from set, Stallone’s furry friend, his dog Butkus, also made an appearance in two of the “Rocky” sequels.

Because of the auctions (which Reuter reported he donated so much because he “was moving” and wanted to downsize), Stallone doesn’t have as much of the memorabilia anymore. However, as far as the public knows, he still keeps his turtles close. Because he is a well-known animal lover, it is unlikely that Stallone will ever auction off Cuff and Link.

Fans love that he kept them, and took to social media to share the news with others who were unaware. Twitter user @JoePompliano tweeted: “TIL that Sylvester Stallone kept the two turtles from Rocky — released in 1976 — and they are now 46 years old. Their names are Cuff & Link, and the picture on the right is from Creed 2, their second movie appearance more than 40 years later.”

We’re hoping to see more of Stallone’s turtles and dog on his social media.