Ron Howard’s Daughter, Bryce, Reveals Her ‘Favorite Thing’ About Costar Chris Pratt

by Joe Rutland

Actress Bryce Dallas Howard is sharing some insights about costar Chris Pratt that might surprise some people who follow him. Howard has played Claire Dearing in three Jurassic World movies opposite Pratt’s Owen Grady. The actress, in part, said in writing on Instagram that she can count on Pratt for a belly laugh. What else? Howard says that it’s also some sage advice from Pratt’s years in the entertainment world. Both actors obviously know one another quite well. Pratt has some TV work in his career for playing Andy Dwyer on the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. Howard, of course, is the daughter of classic TV star and movie director Ron Howard.

Of course, Chris Pratt fans know that he’s also starred in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, too. Maybe some people who are emerging artists themselves will pick up a tip or two from the actor’s words. By the way, it’s pretty cool that Pratt is part of two very successful movie franchises at this time.

When It Comes To Work, Ron Howard Daughter Bryce Stays Busy

As for Bryce Dallas Howard, she keeps herself quite busy in her acting career. But she gives back to others through her Nine Muses Lab work. According to its website, the goal of Nine Muses Lab is to offer “a course for undergraduate drama students interested in filmmaking about what it takes to ‘make it’ and master their artistry.” Bryce Dallas Howard oversees this program and offers weekly insights and instruction.

When it comes to dear old Dad, all of us have seen Ron Howard either in The Andy Griffith Show or Happy Days. But he also says that his daughter has been quite successful. Well, she’s been in this Jurassic Park franchise that’s quite lucrative. Ron says that “she hasn’t needed my help.” “She hasn’t needed my help very much,” Ron said in an interview with Us Weekly. “She takes my advice along with a handful of other people, including her husband, Seth [Gabel], and her management team, and so forth. She’s very thoughtful about all that.” He did say that he’ll throw in his two cents here and there but Bryce handles stuff quite well.

Now, would you believe that Bryce has actually never seen an episode of Happy Days? It stars her father, Ron Howard. That sounds sacrilegious to some of you. But the actress did make the revelation to the world while being interviewed on the ABC talk show The View. Howard would say that talk-show host Jay Leno even gave her a DVD set of the ABC sitcom to watch. Still, it’s been no dice for Bryce sitting down and watching the show.