Ron Howard Says He’s Been ‘Robbing Himself’ By Not Directing His Daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard

by Leanne Stahulak

Bryce Dallas Howard grew up around movie and TV sets her whole life, occasionally tagging along with her dad, Ron Howard, to work. Now, she’s an influential actress and director in her own right, and Ron couldn’t be prouder.

Like her dad, who appeared in classic TV series like “Happy Days,” Bryce got her start in front of the camera before moving behind the scenes. She’s starred in 40 projects to date and has directed nearly a dozen. Yet, in all that time, Bryce Dallas Howard has never acted in a project that Ron Howard directed.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ron opened up about the fact that he feels he’s missing out on the chance to work with his own daughter. “Every director loves working with her, so I think I might be robbing myself,” he said. “Also, she’s turned down a couple of things I’ve tried to offer her — she’s a busy lady.”

You know you’ve become a Hollywood success when your schedule becomes busy enough to turn down Ron Howard. But Bryce has more than made a name for herself, especially after directing recent “Star Wars” related series. Bryce directed a few episodes of “The Mandalorian” last year and “The Book of Boba Fett” earlier this year. All of her episodes rated super well with audiences and critics, showing that she’s got what it takes to make it big in the industry. and not just because she has the last name, Howard.

But that doesn’t mean Bryce didn’t take some valuable advice from her dad.

Here’s the Advice that Ron Howard Offered to His Daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, About Directing

Although Bryce wants to blaze her own trail in Hollywood, her dad Ron still gave her a few key tips.

“My advice was about understanding her ambitions and helping her calibrate that,” Ron Howard explained. “And to apply her foothold in front of the camera to what she was trying to accomplish behind the camera.”

He added, “She’s incredibly sophisticated in her understanding of what’s going on, fueled by this energy. And she and I are alike in this way, of loving what the medium can mean to people and what it feels like to be a part of the team that tells the story. She has no intention to give up.”

Bryce, meanwhile, also offered up some kind words about what it’s like to know Ron professionally and personally.

“He’s such a wonderful dad and a beautiful, devoted, hard-working, brilliant storyteller,” Bryce revealed. “And he doesn’t have a private persona and then a public persona. He’s just who he is.”

She continued, “He’s a quality human being, and [all his kids] feel that way. He’s been so inclusive with us with his work, but he also recognizes that not every one of us has the same level of interest in filming as he does, and he’s been just as interested in what we’re into.”